Ignite the Youth: Africa metamorphosis

If you doubt what I have always said, today want to give you a live example of youths in Africa with a passion to create a better Africa.

I have been part of the group and I feel obliged to recognize the effort of IGNITE the Youth comrades.  It is part of what inspires me to continue dreaming.

All members of the group are bound by similar aspiration; restoring sanity in Africa leadership. Let me highlight four factors that I believe will transform Africa in this generation:

1.Volunteerism – all members in Ignite the Youth are driven by a sincere heart of volunteering their services. Sharing experience in their own countries.  Sharing what they think is a solution to similar problem we face in Africa .

I have seen what volunteering can do.  It has helped me develop my personality. If you desire real personal change try volunteering in the field you are passionate about.

2.Reclaiming Our inheritance – as Africa youths we are bound by similar purpose,  taking back what belongs to us.  Our future is being eaten away by selfish and senseless leaders.  They are on a looting spree.  They are squandering our inheritance.

This I think is a realization that has dawned on us.  Many of the igniters want to reclaim their right. I guess this will be of interest to those who wish to see their children live a better life.

3. Raising an alternative leadership voice– all along for 20 plus years we have experienced no significant change in terms of serious commitment to genuine leadership.  All we have had is political gimmicks and rhetoric. We have had selfish politicians exploit ignorance of poor citizens to make their lives super nice.

To reclaim this voice,  many African youths have gotten back to their social creativity. Many of the projects undertake are geared towards addressing social Injustice.  This informs my  enthusiasm ;restoring Africa dignity.  It is the reason I identify with Ignite the Youth.

4.Seeking Accountability– Finally the fact that we are volunteering raising alternative leadership voice to reclaim our Inheritance. We can only achieve this by  building our capacity to hold those in power socially accountable of what they do.

I am confident that many groups will come up to help.  Never be left behind instead let us work together towards our promising African Future.


2 thoughts on “Ignite the Youth: Africa metamorphosis”

  1. Volunteering brings richness in the soul. When you are able to help those that need it, you are helping your brother, you think you are going to Bless them, yet you end up blessed by them!
    We Must care for one another. The government will not.
    Whether you agree or not, we’re all in this together and more of us will realize as time goes by.


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