Driving social change in Africa: thanks to social media.

My hopes are rekindled, my desire for a better world is boosted for i know my voice is heard by the people who will have never had a voice. Can you imagine my thought being shared by my fellow youths in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Angola Canada, USA and remotest village that previously it was a nightmare reaching. This inspire me to write more, this encourages me to share my story.

While having a chat with some  of my friends, i sought to know what they think of transformation of Africa, after listening to their thoughts i can dare say we can achieve the Africa dream. We can write a new story for Africa. But before we do it, it will take persistence. It will take discipline. It will take sacrifice.

That sacrifice will include giving our fear away. giving our heart to a course of building a just society. i am hopeful, because most of the youths are ready to start the process of transforming Africa. We only need to build their capacity to share their feelings. we would need to sharpen conversation skills. This will be the sure way to protecting and transforming beautiful continent.

I am relentless on the Transformation of Africa. I am immersed in finding ways of getting Africa out of the darkness.

I guess when you hear the story of most African presidents wanting to die while holding to their positions make your heart sad just as it does to me. One question i ask myself is whether their are no other persons who can lead. It will disturb you if you are conscious; it will break your heart if you realized that the so called leaders are willing to sacrifice the lives of children and women like the case of south Sudan.

You can give up so easily, the country can get into disillusionment. Just like Burundi is not sure of the future state of peace, we can be trapped in that rut.

but i refuse to be yoked together with those who don’t believe that Africa will be free of social injustice. I take every minute of my day thinking how to better help transform Africa. it is a calling. it is possible.

I know it is possible because of the zealousness i see in Africa youths. it is because i want to create a better place for my children, a place devoid of social injustice.

Because i have experienced what injustice can do, because i know the effects of discrimination, i would not want to see that happen in the future of Africa.

Let us do our part, let us not forfeit our responsibility of saving Africa.


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