Choosing Life over Fear: indomitable spirit Of Africans

The Westgate mall has a new life.  It is refurbished and now shinning closing the memories of that day of the 21st of September 2013.

I remember hearing of the news and running to the scene to check on my friends, who I knew had gone to do shopping.  On reaching there I encountered a battalion of police.  Not knowing what to do I waited,  when I called some of my friend I realized they had Managed to free.

It was torturous four days, for those who had their relatives trapped in the mall by the bloodthirsty human beings. It was disheartening but I had not much to do other than wishing and praying .

The aftermath of the tragic incident was great lesson ,  I witnessed what I call the peculiar nature of Africans.  They came out and acted in their small way to comfort and the affected.  This is one among many things I am proud of. What inform my dreams

It is this spirit and nature of our culture that gives me the impetus to dream, that like the now glamorous new Westgate mall Africa will gain it reputation in the world, yes, that  Africa leadership will undergone rejuvenation process to present a better Africa,  free of social Injustice and discrimination.

I firmly believe in the restoration of human dignity in our continent.

If you doubt this then you will be run over by the coming change. Radical transformation of the  youth into a voice that is ready to help build a better society,  the crop of leaders we have had who think of themselves first will experience extreme difficulties. They will expire even before inspiring their own hearts.

I am terribly embarrassed by leaders equipping youths with pandas and matchets to kill those who oppose their projects. This belong not to our generation but the stoneage man.  These kind of leaders have no place in the world that is coming.  The world being created by socially creative youths is peaceful and accommodative, soon their will be a rude shock to those who are not willing to jointly create a just society.

I am hopeful, like we have started a new chapter in Westgate mall,  we will create a new experience in building proper relationship based on genuine concern for others.  I pray that as we start a new chapter we think of honest as a weapon to shape and protect our value system .

May those in leadership positions take responsibility of their words.  To my president Uhuru Kenyatta,  the commission of inquiry was important, you should take your word seriously you promised publicly and that means you owe the whole world of your action of honest.

My believe is founded in the rock.  Like Jesus worked to redeem human beings who were lost like me 2000 years ago,  that he died to save us,   through his strength I believe we can transform Africa by transforming our minds but not conforming to the ways of the previous kind of leadership.

Fellow African youths, Let us create an alternative leadership voice.  Let us together build a different human experience where respect and responsibility is the accepted norm. With all these elements we can be sure of redeeming Africa. We will paint  different picture of Africa to the world.


2 thoughts on “Choosing Life over Fear: indomitable spirit Of Africans”

  1. The reopening of the West Gate Mall is again “A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes of hatred and evil.” It say’s ” you can’t keep us down!”
    God Bless the Families of loved ones who lost their lives there, God hold your grieving hearts.

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