shaking the hands of the villain

I write this to register my disappointment in the pretense of our African leaders. You will see them smile to the cameras while signing peace deals and accords which never materialize. I have seen the two rival parts in South Sudan conflict shake hands, promising to bring peace which has never brought peace. this pains me, it breaks my heart.

It is the reason i think and believe that the help of the people of south Sudan lies solely on the hands of Sudanese people. We should never be cheated that the president and his former aid will bring sanity. we should never think that the generals from either side will bring peace. Instead the small groups of patriots will. Christians in small churches both in the country and out of the country will. they only have to pray and act, not only praying and sitting, this will not bring change, action will.

Some people have done it before, Liberia was saved by women who were sick and tired of the theatrics of government officials and rebels. The Mau Mau fighters in Kenya were small groups that were genuinely concern about the future of there children They went to the forest to fight the unreasonable colonialist who thought Africans will not amount to anything. This is what  i pray and plead to my fellow people of south Sudan

i have seen members of parliament our the Kenya National Assembly differ bitterly in the house but when it comes to business deals they become extremely friendly to one another. This makes me think, how can we trust that the same kind of people will protect you when it come to economic and social empowerment?

Until we realize that those who want to utilize the youth as their militia have no interest in their development;we expect heinous and tragic happening in future. we need to run away from them, we need to shun from their activities. We need to stand and tell them God forgive you.

They are out to exploit you, be aware, they are out to murder the future we dream of, resist them. Let us stand firm to promote peace. Let us stand firm and promote social justice and proper governance.

Without social justice, brothers and sisters we are doomed to a terrible failure. Let us embrace diversity of opinion, for our diversity is our strength.


2 thoughts on “shaking the hands of the villain”

  1. I am proud you are writing about these political truths. These things seem to occur in anything political any where. Leaders play people like a chess game for their ego’s. Not taking care of their people. Letting poverty grow worse. Letting the need good education for the young, the future!
    In USA poverty and lack of education is growing worse.
    Except for top wealth grows as the nation suffers.
    These things bring heart ache to me too! Prayers for all who suffer!

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