Africa: In Furnace of Affliction we will Grow Strong

The words of Wale Akinyemi speaks volumes to my core belief. In his article published in the a daily nation newspaper in Kenya he says that in adversity we build our strength to conquer future difficulties. I agree with him.

His words explains why I am relentless in pursuing restoration of Africa dignity and social justice. It is the reason I will never give up advocating for respect and equal treatment of people no matter their social standing.

When I make these statements it means not that I also go through similar challenges, rather it is because of those significant challenges that cause me to everyday dream that tomorrow will be better.

It is the same Affliction I go through that encourage me to work tenaciously, telling Africa story from a point of the affected individual.

Friends let us help Africa recover from the shocks of the last decades.  Let us build our justice muscles from previous afflictions.  For through the challenges we are sharpened,  and prepared to resist any more violations of our people wherever they may be so long as the are in Africa.


One thought on “Africa: In Furnace of Affliction we will Grow Strong”

  1. Adversity can make us stronger! And it is truly important to not lose hope amidst all of the suffering. ” Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes”
    I continue to share your hopes and dreams for Your Africa!
    I am full of pride for you’re important work and stamina Dear Son! I am blessed!


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