Where Is Our Compassion and Human Feelings; Oh africa!

Where is our humanity, reading through New York times online the story BY Adan B.Ellick in New York Times i was shocked by what is happening in the Nuba mountain of Sudan. It is hard to believe that we have degenerated into heartless creatures.

It is reported that the Government is bombing villages,and guess who is affected: children and women who are helpless. This should be unacceptable. The video compiled by a humanitarian organization depicts what horrors are going on, The horrors being committed by those who have been give the responsibility to secure the people; Politicians .

It is the sense of our inhumanity, it is the sense of selfishness of the people who so call themselves leaders. The heartbreaking story can be found http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/13/opinion/the-worst-atrocity-youve-never-heard-of.html?src=me.

If you have a heart, then these should arouse your mind and something should be born in you: a realization that Africa is sinking and we have to stand up to rebel against the heartless and inhuman leaders who take safety as they spill the blood of innocent people.

To my fellow youths, what will we benefit if we kept quiet while our brother and sisters were being butchered in the Nuba mountains? What benefit will we have by praising those giving press conferences from cities like Nairobi where they are safe while there country is burning; while desperate children and women are dying of hunger?

We need to expose them, we need to ask ask God to transform the like he transformed soul who was persecuting Christians But we should do our part. Building our capacity, as we aid those who genuinely care for the people. Important of all is to help the youths in countries like South Sudan, Burundi and many other African countries that are suffering to know that we support them and there cause.

Let us give them moral support, financial support if that will help them to saw a seed of hope to the hopeless; children and women. let us aid them to save the men who are mercilessly being slaughtered.

I cant stand this, it pains


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