Mighty be our power: My Advice to people of S. Sudan from Leymah Gbowee.

We are not completely helpless, my fellow Africans from S. Sudan. We are not at the mercy of the President and his nemesis Riek Machar. We are at the mercy of God the creator of our lives.

It is disheartening to learn of the atrocities that are being meted on my fellow human beings. I am perturbed by the circumstances surrounding our newborn country.  But my request to my friends here in Kenya and many other countries who hail from S. S. You need to salvage your country.

Like Leymah Gbowee took charge, organizing grass root support to save Liberia. We can do it in south Sudan.  Governments have not been able to broker peace.  It is time for S. Sudanese people to take charge. It is incumbent upon the common man and women to take responsibility.

We will support you.  We will stand with you, but you need to show the world that with the help of God you can stand against the unreasonable leadership.

That you can stand to be counted when it comes to restoring dignity  of the people. We need to stand and denounce tribal affiliations.

For political affiliations are causing us to fight and kill each other. We will not reap nothing from killing. But instead the blood of our poor and innocent children and women will be crying over us.

Let us stand to be counted in resisting the urge to protect the power hungry individuals.  Who will never pay us but condemn our beautiful south Sudan to hell.


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