It Is Not Over Until I Win:Africa I Promise.

Some years ago I discovered I was Expectant.  I was Expectant of a socially just society. Naturally when one is expecting there is a new urge for some peculiar things.  They start consuming some funny stuff, and develop intense hatred for others.

This is exactly what has happened to me.  I have found myself filled with passion for respect for others without considering their social standing,  I have had this hope,  that one day I will see Africa where leaders will take responsibility for their actions. I have had the hope seeing a transformed Africa where youths will be considered an asset but not burden.  But I have seen little effort towards this cause.

Listening to http://LESBROWN . com videos I learnt that feeling and sitting and expecting will not help.  But acting will.  I got out,  took my first step of telling my story through my blog http:// AgakiMweberi.

In the spirit of action I have started Peer Learning Forum,  where youths will share their story.  For I believe story telling is a platform we will use to Transform the Mindset of young people.  In small groups like those of Mau Mau, where secret oaths were being taken by young people to protect their land , I strongly believe a similar strategy will help us pull a force that will deliver Africa from the crawls of lions devouring our resources for their own benefit.

It is possible, for impossibility is a vocabulary of the hopeless I  belong not to the hopeless class but optimistic group ready to contagiously spread their passion . Seeing how youth activities are buzzing online we will only need to harness their passion to see a greater movement that will cause a surge of patriotic Africans who will stand against social Injustice and exploitation of the good, African people.

I will not give up.  It is not offer until reasonable and patriotic Africans take Africa from the dreamless fellow who have taken us hostage.

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