I chose to Serve Africa.

The hope of Africa lies in our hands as young people. We have been entrusted with this responsibility by chance, given that we were born to be youths now. It is therefore your actions and mine  that will determine the fate of the life of those unborn who will be children and youths in the next few decades.

At present,  the happenings in Greece should cause as to fear.  The news from the euro zone are not encouraging. Their present circumstances is an indication of what Africa will look like if we let those making decision squander and mismanage our African affairs.

Who will bails out, if we let our governments borrow beyond what we can manage to pay? It is a nasty experience when 50% of the youths are not employed. It is tragic when you learn  that suicide in Greece has gone up by 35%. it hurts. It is heart breaking.

For us to avoid this state of affairs we should open all our senses to refuse any irresponsible and reckless management of our public resources.

We should be careful of what people call generosity.  If generosity is about embezzling from the public by one hand and giving back to impoverished citizens as a donation, with another hand .  Then I refuse that kind of generosity.  I want not then to be part of it.

After saying it is time to act. I I know we can manage. We can do it.  We only need to give ourselves to this cause of restoring Africa dignity.


I give myself to the  cause of creating a socially just Africa.  I am committed to help young people discover their ability  to contribute towards  making  Africa better.

I know their will be forces against.  I know there will be challenges from those who understands not the magnitude of the tragedy that we face in the future. But I believe we will triumph All these obstacles to become victorious.

Karibu tujunge  Africa. (welcome let us build Africa)


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