AFRICA: I Am Expectant

The whole me is a manifestation of   generosity of various people that God has put my way. Every part of me is shaped by divine encounter.

For such a long time I have kept my aspiration to myself. I  have kept debating in my mind whether I should share them or not. I think the latter has always dominated. But I made up my mind, just like people have given themselves for me, I will give myself for Africans.

I have always chosen to listen to my mind rather  than my mind. I know like many of the Africa youth,  I am bestowed with the responsibility of creating a better future. I know there is that small way I can do that, I know serving others with gratitude is part of that responsibility.

But how possible is it? How possible is it to serve all people without discrimination? I have seen how without a godfather things are hard to crack. Is it possible to achieve sanity in our governance structures? Is it possible for us to achieve social justice where everyone can get what they deserve? I guess yes.

However, we should think of the best strategy to reach that point . I think that should involve building a system of keeping ourselves accountable in terms of our character. It is important to get our values right before we think of transforming Africa .

I am trying to create a system, where  peer learning is critical in helping us shape the future of Africa leadership.

Peer learning is a strategy that will help us to build trust among youths. Trust is a relationship that uphold respect and accountability. 

This is where we will start from.  I am Expectant to this point that we will succeed. Let us follow our hearts for they understand what intellect can not comprehend.


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