Like The Confederate Flag has Come Down; So Will Social Injustice In Africa:Watch This Space.

Karen Boles is a mother living in South Carolina in the US. She has been an inspiration to me since connected on social media . Despite her physical challenges  she still exhumes confidence and passion.

While chatting on Twitter with her  today she informed me of the coming down of the confederate Flag which always invokes gory memories of slavery of Africa Americans. image I had read the history of slavery and how black people we despised and treated like animals. Today while sharing the information with my Mama Karen Boles, I was taken a back. It got me thinking, with it abolishment many years ago, why then is it that Africa will mistreat and dehumanize fellow Africans? I wondered.

It is true that we may think segregation and discrimination is over, I guess we might be terribly wrong.  For there are new crops of segregationist in existence in our beautiful continent:Africa. Why do you think some African  leaders want to be in power until they die? Why is it that they have no courage of mentoring young people. It is because their significance goes not beyond them. It is because their motivation is too superficial that it can not inspire even their very heart.

However I am hopeful; I hope that what has happened will happened in Kenya and Africa in general. That the flag of social Injustice will come down in the future.  I have hope that the wall of corruption will be brought down the same way the confederate Flag has.

I am hopeful because we are bound together as Africa youths by similar challenged and similar hope and dream.

The flags of corruption and social Injustice in Africa portends a disaster for us youths.  It is an indication of great tragedy for our children and grandchildren.

We should  never wait to see an incident like that of Charleston church for us to start rethinking our strategy to counter these vices, but within our abilities as African youths let’s us start moving. Let us start building networks and movements that will force the walls down.

I know It will take vision,  it will need people on standing morals and values.  It will call for passion and hunger for a better future for Africa.

I know that is possible,  nothing can be impossible,  for impossibility is a vocabulary of the pessimist.

We shall overcome ;We shall overcome if we develop our muscles for good governance and good character.

Character is the currency we bank on as youths that we will use to trade within the continent as we seek Africa social transformation.

Let us keep the conversation  moving.


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