Shading Blood Is Too Expensive; Youths We Better Be Cautious Of Those Who Tell Us To Kill

The words of John Kenneth Galbraith that “all of the great leaders have had one characteristic in common: it was the willingness to confront unequivocally the major anxiety of their people in their time. This, and not much else, is the essence of leadership.” The words are so meaningful to our generation today. The words ignite a sense of responsibility in me to think of how to restore Africa dignity. I know it  won’t happen today; but I know it will come to pass if i persist
Shocking is the current caliber of our leaders in Africa. It sends a chill into my spine when I here a politician saying he has employed youths to be militias to kill whoever opposes their particular projects. Where did the sense of humanity go? Where did such kind of utterance emanate from, it is such a shame for Africa leadership. It is critically unfortunate if these are the people we will expect to draw our inspiration.

I have always said that we have to find a different source of inspiration as young people. For if we trust these selfish individuals who call themselves leaders we will be thoroughly embarrassed.

If they tell you to kill, if they tell you to maim, you should find a reason to run away very fast; for it is quite expensive to have your hands as a youth tainted with someone’s blood.

The reason why i am calling  my fellow young people in Kenya and in Africa to avoid unreasonable hatred for our brothers and sister from another tribe; is informed by the fact that the future of Africa depends on us. The future of Africa depends on what we stand for today. The future of Africa depends on our ability to make it for ourselves and that of our children and grand children today. We cannot achieve to write a new story if we allow ourselves to be used as militias for politicians who have no vision for us nor for our country and continent.

I am compelled to say what i think is right, that does not give you a reason to believe that i hate you.  If we have to ensure development in Africa then we should encourage open public conversation on various issues without condemnation.

I have i deep feeling that time will come when respect and reasonable engagement will be the order of the day in Africa. I believe that time will come if we try today to inculcate proper values unto our lives as youths.

For those who believe in the ability of every individual to contribute towards creation of a new territory; i welcome your opinion. For those who believe we can transform Africa collectively, but acting individually in our small way every day ; i invite you, let us share our stories. A story like Les brown says  is the most critical element in drawing people into a movement that can cause meaningful change. It is through the story of Nelson Mandela , Mother Teresa Martin Luther King Jr and many others that i am inspired and encouraged; i pray too that you might be convicted by positive stories.

We should watch who we listen to; we should be cautious of what we hear; we should carefully consider what we are told by leaders who have shown malnutrition and deficiency in character. for what we hear informs our decisions and actions. Let us be warned.

Through compassion and empathy, let us embrace our neighbors. In humility let us express our different opinions; gracefully, may we consider correction; for all of us are prone to make mistakes. However, we should take care to fail forward to our success.


2 thoughts on “Shading Blood Is Too Expensive; Youths We Better Be Cautious Of Those Who Tell Us To Kill”

  1. Yes! Desperate vulnerable youth must hear of new ways and collectively in numbers speak up against their oppressors. And no more blood shed in the name of hate!
    We must not let ourselves become desensitized to deaths and bloodshed and injustice!
    Politicians play with people’s lives with no remorse.
    As for me, I cannot see these things happening and not grieve for the world.
    Shadrack your writings are inspiring! And I thank you for that!

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