Rote Knowledge And Memorization Is Not Enough; Our Shimmering Hope For African Youth Is In Transforming Education System.

While in high school, I had this holy fear in me. Knowing well where I came from,-from a very humble background- and my ability to pursue higher education; I had to work extremely hard to qualify for a government sponsorship for my degree; for I knew that was my only hope. I never had the courage to imagine that I can survive without going to university. I never had temerity to think I will make it in live without getting a good grade to secure me a chance among the joint admission board list.
I had to spend every minute I had with books, for my whole high school life. I had no luxury in games; I had no luxury in attending trips; I had no zeal to interact with others for I had to read. It was like life in prison. But nobody knew what I was going through. No one had a chance to realize that there was a force and fear for failure within me.
Reading through their article; school aren’t just buildings; Roshan and tengelder have hit the point. They are right that we fear failing, for the repercussion of failure in your exams especially in Kenya portends a disaster. With this in the mind of students, you will be extremely frustrated if you expected innovative ideas.
Therefore, their assertion that we need to transform our mindset is right and timely. We are faced with social challenges that will not be solved by rote knowledge and memorization. The problems we face can only be tackled by a population that embraces collaboration and partnership. The challenges we face require us to put together groups; informed and empowered to think critically and openly. It requires us to imagine of new possibilities and work towards that direction.
Our expectation will give birth to discouragement and frustrations if we use similar old tricks to handle complex puzzle of global poverty, bad governance and social injustice. We need to start rethinking our strategies. I agree with Roshan, that if we expect different results, we need to transform our education system to one that encourages independence and pro activity.
This is sparkling light i see at the end of the tunnel of Africa dream. It is a hope that allows me to imagine of creating movements that will engage young people in Africa and encourage them to learn from their colleague’s stories. I am a stronger believer of the power of a story.
Your story is a powerful element that you can use to transform the world. I believe if we can manage to help people to start telling their stories; we can change the public discourse and hence opening a sea of opportunities that lie idle in our subconscious mind.
It is the reason I am encouraged to think of creating a platform for people to share their stories as the first step in this journey of transforming Africa into a better place. It is what will help us harness the power of our youth bulge. I have always said that this is the hope that we have; our youthful population. This is a blessing, for social innovators and optimist, but a calamity for pessimist. You can choose to believe the part that appeals to you.
But how I wish that you will be compelled by the positive; that you will be compelled to believe that we have a hope for the future. How I pray that we can discover that we have the ability to change our tomorrow and ability to write a new narrative for our lovely continent.
Transforming and stretching our imagination as Africans is my first priority. I will join with like-minded people to start this important course of eradicating poverty, ignorance, and diseases.


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