Helping young people find their voice in Africa through peer learning forums is your responsibility

I am convinced that a world wide web of people committed to a common cause of restoring Africa dignity, social justice and good governance are what will cause human history. It matters not how long it will take, for I know with the hunger for a better life for African people among the Africans will cause people to work towards liberating Africa. It matters not how bad things have been, for the best thing is that hope for the future which will be the driving force for the social changes that we anticipate.
Joel M. Podolny in his article Networks for Good works published in Stanford Social Innovation Review in 2007 observed that when society’s movers and shakers cast themselves as guardians of communities, the communities themselves become the agents of change. This statement arouses my hopes for the future of Africa. It gives hope that if you and I would give ourselves to the community as the guardians of our values and respect for humanity, we will have a better generation. It portends that progeny of Africa will be secure from the injustice we are experience today.
He changes I dream of, I know will not be achieved by engaging politicians , it will not be achieved by seeking counsel of the public officials, it will not be achieved by us complaining and keeping quiet, a assuming that nothing is happening. But we will succeed writing a new story by invoking the power of communities. It will take our sacrifice to build our capacity and that of those at the bottom of the pyramid. Let them be the change agents. If we can achieve this n we can be assured of transforming the course of leadership respect and social justice.
It is not easy, it sucks, it saps our energy, but we need to figure out how to let people own the processes of social transformation in Africa. It is true from the colonial fighters that underground movements worked efficiently. Now that the leaders have taken to the highway of illegal amassing wealth from public coffers, we need to devise a different strategy in resisting their moves.
I believe this move will include getting people to talk about their stories and issues facing them, we need to start convening small group meeting with the objective of building our capacity to carry out our role of keeping the leaders socially accountable. For without the masses being involved the atrocities meted on our people will continually be perpetuated.
I refuse to believe that we are helpless; I refuse to believe that we can’t solve our own problems; I refuse to believe that as young people we are at the mercy of rogue politicians and few selfish elites. I refuse to believe that we are powerless and critically crippled that we need to be bribed with one dollar to vote for irresponsible people who have stolen from us big time. That is why I work tirelessly to create a system where we can build our trust as young people. It is the reason I feel restless when I am not doing anything to make tomorrow better than today.
Armed with my passion for restoring Africa dignity, equipped with my natural hatred for social injustice, I offer to set a precedent. Convening Peer Learning Forums, in a small way we can create movements of people committed to this course of writing a better story for Africa. A story that will be written by majority of those at the base of the pyramid, who have gained their voice, that they can articulate their ideas. This course is what I give myself for.
It might take long, it might be discouraged but what is within me burns and glows and I want to share it with the world.


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