Extensive Public Discourse on Good Governance, And Social Justice: A Recipe for Africa Development.

A problem shared is half solved. This statement portends a great future for African youth if we learnt how to put it into action. I know we have suffered in silent in the hands of the elites who are out to enrich themselves at the expense of the future of African people. They have continually exploited our silence; they have always thought we can’t speak for ourselves, hence their increased insatiable hunger for embezzling public resources. They might have been lucky but not anymore.
Recognizing that we have the ability to determine our destiny is the best thing that is happening within the general public especially among the youth. Even though we are wounded and social down trodden, we can inspire one another by sharing our stories as we learn.
Within our small groups we can learn the art of listening, within small groups we can develop accountability mechanism, and within our small group we can learn how to build trust. If we can do all this within and among ourselves, I believe we can expand our influence and demand to be involved in making decision that affect us.
I am a live example of what access to knowledge and information can do to an individual. I have encountered worst experiences in terms of discrimination. I have seen how you can be devalued into a social misfit. It hurts. It hurts to learn that if you have no voice even when you think you have something to say no one will give you a listening ear. That is why we need to know how we can get our voices heard. It is a reason why we need to find a different source of motivation for you can’t be inspired by politicians and leaders who have no regard for human dignity.
And that inspiration can be found within and among us. We need to discover ways we can tap the motivation, we need to create platforms where we can learn. We need to create a favorable environment for growing the seeds of compassion that we were born with as human beings.
Just like the invincible groups of MAU MAU freedom fighters, who were taking oath of secrecy to defend their land, in the 21st century Africans we are faced with a dilemma of bad governance and extensive social injustice. For us to survive and liberate Africa from the crawls of these hungry lions, we need to regroup from down the bottom of the pyramid. We need to start preparing ourselves by building our capacity to stir a different course of leadership.
We can do these Africa. Within the informal cells, within our coffee house meetings, within shopping malls meetings, in not more than ten minutes we can change the direction of public conversation on good governance, and social justice. If we commit to share our misgivings and find new strategies to counter it then we can be sure of winning. If we develop the confidence to share our stories we can the write a new Africa story.
We will overcome if we don’t give up.


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