Transforming Public Discourse Around Social Justice, Governance And Leadership: My Responsibility

“When I despair I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. Yes there have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it always.” This statement by Mahatma Gandhi should encourage those of us who are overwhelmed by the atrocities committed on the poor and innocent citizens. It should give us hope that the power of truth and love will at the end win. As we dream of this, we should work toward inculcating the love for social justice and good governance in the youths. Unless we do that we are doomed to remain under the crawls of the few selfish individuals with no regard for humanity.
I write this in the wake of heightened corrupt deals within government departments in Kenya. I write with utter surprise that now leaders have the audacity to confirm to us that they have embezzled public resources and we praise them because they come from our own tribe. It pains me that we are not able to hold our heads high and ask them to surrender what belongs to the public. It hurts to know that children who are watching these people make these statements will consider the acts heroic.
While we are celebrating those who are able to steal from our public coffers and reward them by electing them into office as our representatives, the future of our children hangs perilously. Until we start becoming serious on the future of our children, country and continent, we are guilty as those who are stealing.
I want not to be part of those who will be condemned by the coming generations. But I will want my name to be among those who stood against the vice. I want to be among those who wanted to create a better environment for public participation. I want to leave a mark as one whose contribution was valuable to the future.
I want to do this by creating a platform for developing of informed citizens. I want to be part of the youth who are causing creative transformation in the education system. I want with others to create platforms where we can build trust that will enhance strategic collaboration and partnership among the youth. I want to be counted among those who aroused positive hunger for new knowledge.
Even as we keep on thinking individual and collectively the best way to bring down the walls that have prevented us from accessing the power of transformation, we should not forget and engage in activities that will our character into question. Just like the father of non –violent movement, Martin Luther King Jr, and Mahatma Gandhi observed, we can only win by engaging in productive activities. I mean we should mind our language and actions. We should not start engaging in trading obscenities, but engage in meaningful conversations that will spur the hunger for relevant conversation among masses.
We can do this by starting with ourselves as individuals, we can achieve more in small groups than in political rallies. Because I believe in small groups we can foster trust, I believe in small group there is chance to nurture the art of conversation, in the small groups we can replenish our ability to speak our minds. I trust if carefully handled groups can change the conversation on accountability in the public.
We can try these strategies for the former has not yielded any significant results.


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