Peer Learning Forums: Promoting Sharing of Tacit Knowledge

As a social innovator, in a journey of making my contribution towards restoring Africa dignity.In my constant quest to find solution to what ails us Africans in terms of proper governance, social justice and accountability,I sought to get the opinion of students from various universities today in Nairobi. While sharing, it was evident that we have been affected by the continuous erosion of our value system.

It is saddening, that even student feel excluded and hopeless, that most of them are willing to use whichever mean available to get what they want. I am not blaming them, but i am worried that if the future of Africa is the hands of frustrated individual in the near future ,then Africa is at risk. We risk plunging into more chaos  in the next few years than ever before  if we can’t sort this mess. We are not going to dream of any developmental progress in Africa if we can’t find a way of restoring the dignity of young people and improve their self esteem.We are at crossroad as Africans  if we are not able show youths their identity.

While in a certain forum, one speaker mentioned that with the scars of rejection and hopelessness the chances of human right violation is prevalent. I mean if the youths are so distraught we can imagine how their negative energy can negatively affect the economy.

Can you imagine of terrorism as a result of our irresponsibility in  handling our youths, can we say mismanagement of youth bulge is both a blessing and a curse in the same measure? Yes me think so. It is true that if we can put the talents of young people into work, we an increase their productivity, as well as reduce their engagement in negative vices.

It was shocking today, while  at the conference of Kenya National Academy of science, when one professor confessed to have a research which was done , developed a product that is economically viable, patented the innovation, but they are still keeping that innovation waiting for a potential investor.  I got so curious to know why they can’t market their economically potential project to help create jobs for African youths. In my opinion, at this point i felt this scientist was not doing justice to Kenyan people as well us the world.

Following professor Jacob Kaimanyi’s remarks , I guess we need to do more in terms of creating awareness of what has been invented to help spur economic growth.

After saying all these i should state my interest in the creation of alternative education system, where we can learn what we never receive from university lectures- (tacit knowledge), the platform is  Peer learning forums. This area is of great importance to Africa because it will help young people to learn:

  • How to build trust

  • How to build self confidence

  • To stimulate their minds to imagine of new possibilities

  • To help them identify themselves

In reading the book Wisdom of the crowd, Surowiecki says that the decision made by a group of people who are informed is far much better that the decision of the most intelligent individual i the group. this is the ideology behind contagious passion Africa peer learning forums, creating a platform for young people to learn how they can use their capacity to change the course of African governance.

The concept of peer learning forums underscore the essence of underground movements that can transform our continent. However we should be clear of what we want to achieve. As we struggle towards making Africa devoid of Poverty, Ignorance and Diseases, it should not be construed as a violent movement. But as a form of informal education system seeking to bridge the gap in terms of knowledge,generation  sharing and management .

Everyone has a responsibility of building Africa. it does not matter how, but we need to change the trends for the sign written on the wall, is warning us of eminent catastrophe. let us be conscious. let us embrace peer learning forums to promote respect for people and the laws.

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