Social Innovation in Absence of Social Justice Is Vanity

It is been two years now, since I stumbled upon the concept of social innovation. It has been a great experience interacting with young and old people from all over the world burning with passion for a better society. They are immersed in the sea of knowledge seeking to find ways of eradicating poverty; together with these people we share a dream. We share a dream that in future our countries will be better than they are currently.
Even with this acknowledgment, it is important to say that we are faced with the greatest challenges in achieving these dreams. While few are seeking to transform Africa, and the world many others are those who are drank with power, they only want the status quo to remain for it works for their advantage. Majority of the youths who are supposed to stand and secure the future have resigned to their circumstances. The rhetoric within the public discourse on get rich quickly schemes has drowned a good number of them, they are no longer ready to develop their capacity to stand against improper governance. A reason why they can be paid peanut to kill, to maim, and destroy properties
Social injustice meted on the poor people has coursed scars that will hinder development of social innovation. While in a conference where Secure Livelihood Research Consortium (SLRC) were sharing their research findings, I was surprised to learn that many governments have forsaken the people who have been afflicted by civil wars, especially in Northern Uganda. It is true that if a person has experienced the nasty reality of war, there is a high probability that they can easily fall into it again
As social innovators from all around the world, let us know that the atrocities meted on the innocent people will be a great impediment to the realization of social innovation. We first have to seek ways of curbing the mayhem then we can be assured of success.
Information is important in making decisions, if we get the right message to the masses; we can manage to resist the rhetoric and propaganda from the few elites who are in the business of making us their subject. With the masses behind the concept of social innovation, it will thrive. Professor Jacqueline Oduol A Gender Expert and lecturer in USIU said in one forum that if their exist masses behind a voice, then the political and business class will listen to the voice.
It is then clear that as social innovators, our work is cut out. We need to seek the numbers of the masses at the bottom of the pyramid. We need to help them learn how they can use their God-given power to resist the exploitation which is in most cases sugar coated by the oppressors. We have to take back the power to where it belongs. To the masses.
We need a different level of thinking to solve these problems. We will not need the rhetoric that we have always had from the well-known politicians. We will need a different strategy to bring together the numbers. We need to devise different ways of empowering the youth at base of social class. I guess the strategy should be inclusive of everyone.
These strategies for me will include peer learning forums where people from the same locality will meet and learn from one another. Peer groups have been identified as the next frontier in the education system. Peer learning will enable many to develop their self-confidence. Peer learning will help one develop communication skills. Peer learning will boost building of trust. It will also over an opportunity for networking and sharing of information. This is what we urgently need.


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