World Refugee Day: Respect their Dignity they are human

It is world refugees day this  Saturday, and my hope of seeing Africa as the next beacon of hope still glows in my heart. My dream of restoring the dignity of Africans burns within me. I am  tired of seeing people languish in refugee camps because of the selfishness of our leaders who are are drunk with power, who have no intention of letting go of what position they hold, position.

My heart goes to those who are still coming to terms with the harsh conditions at kakuma refugee camp in Kenya and many other refugee camps. My heartfelt apologies because of the humiliation our officials are putting you through. It is never your fault, you are not lesser persons because you are in the camp, you are not lesser creative because you are faced with the challenges. I have a stronger conviction that you are in fact more creative than  those who think they are free.

Thanks to my father. That as we commemorate father’s day tomorrow i am happy to report that the values he taught me 13 years ago before he went be with the lord, i hold them, They are inscribed in my heart. It is the reason i abhor those who disregard those who have encountered the blunt side of human right violations. It is the reason i chose to dream one day i will see Africa where leaders see others as equal. It is why i hold dear the thought of respect for the rule of law.

This day should be a sad reminder to my fellow African youth that we need to learn new ways of seeking gratification. We need to figure out ways we can get ourselves out of the den of violence, corruption and  imperialism that has become synonymous with our lovely continent. We need to know that we are all created with innate ability to care and protect our neighbours.

My fellow youths i know we have been thought the hard way, our mind has been configured in a way that i think will not drive the next generation. We can start the process of unlearning and start re educating ourselves of better ways of leadership, we need to find ways we can solve our own problems. Importantly we need to figure out how we can defeat the selfish nature that has been depicted by our current leaders and those who have gone.

I will chose to hope that the zealous nature i have seen and experienced among my peers is what will change Africa. The fact that many youths are now seeking to be involved in a cause that is more than themselves, is a good indication.

If you have not had an experience of the change in attitude among the youth, then look at how many youths want to be involved in the community activities. Look at how many youths are talking of society and its problems and they are how they are disgusted about them. If that is not enough, go to social media and watch the discourse. You will be amazed whatever that is taking place, an uproar of those squandering public resources this i believe  will give a reason to join me to believe that we are moving out of the old era of irresponsible leadership to a more humane kind of leadership.

The next dispensation will include sharing of ideas irrespective of your status. It will be an era where your ideas and opinion are valid. it is an era when social justice will be the pillar of every leadership. It is an era when transparency will be the key in every sector. We can make it .

For my brothers and sisters in the refugee camps know this, it is just for a while, the morning is coming fast , and a time is coming when you will not be restrained, but you will be free to walk associate and offer your creative ideas of development in Africa.


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