Peer Learning Forum:Transforming African Education System

My passion to see a better Africa free of social injustice has continuously increased my hunger to seek ways i can achieve my dream. in the recent past  i have immersed myself, digging from history how our heroes and heroes managed to deliver us from the colonial government. in the process i have had a very insightful revelation. they both seem to have realized the significance of informal grouping sharing ideas informally and fully engaging  in the mission of liberating their country from the shackles of their oppressor.

Reading through his book from charcoal to Gold, Njenga Karume narrates how they managed to take an oath to fight the villain. He explains how it was important not to show that they were against the colonial chiefs. In the same book he narrates how, if you were suspected by the colonialist you would  be crippled economically. But in the end he reaffirms the importance of the Mau Mau movement and secret meetings. The invisible arm of the brave Kenyans who defied the perceived strange arm of the colonialist with guns lies in the Peer Learning Forums.

Those tactics are needed now more than ever. African people are suffering. Our African youths are suffering because of the few elites who have insatiable hunger for amassing wealth at the expense of development. We are seeing how they are stealing from public coffers without shame. We are seeing how every employment opportunity is being given to retired cronies without regarding the future of the of the youths in the continent. It is saddening that we are suffering in our own countries, in our own beautiful continent worst of it, being oppressed by our own people. it is UNACCEPTABLE

It is the reason i think we need to device a new strategy as social innovators. We need to start forming invisible groups. Peer Learning Forums. We need to take advantage of the existing opportunities. We are now having open places being opened everywhere, start from Ihub, PAWA254 these places are not only for tech wizards. They are places that are open for us to start having critical conversation about good governance and the kind of leaders we are putting in leadership positions .

The goodness of Peer Learning forums is that everyone is equal despite your position. you are bound by similar aspiration to restore Africa dignity.Peers are ready to learn the best ways to solve a problem they are facing. We are now faced with leadership challenges, we are faced with Exploitation of the youth by rogue elites. We are faced with the challenge of embezzlement of public resources, we are faced with the problem of terrorism and insecurity and we need to put all these to an end.

Why do i bet that Peer Learning Forums will help us sort our social problems ? because in the forums we will have the youths. Youths are  tenacious, with enough zeal to motivate them.

Why are Peer Learning Forums appropriate platform for the African youths?

Youths  are in a similar situation ;they need to be liberated from the chains of poverty

Youths share same status as learners and they are contented with that status

In peer learning forums no one has power over the other  by virtue of their position or responsibility.

For me, this sound like what i will advocate for anyone tired of the status quo and the general rhetoric that we have always heard from the politicians. this is what i will recommend for social innovators seeking to transform Africa


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