Passion among the youth in building and writing the new Africa story is on the rise. I can bet that we can achieve vision 2030 if we manage to keep and sustain the Zealous nature of the African youth. Why do I put a large premium on the youth? It is because I am one of them, I have a strong conviction. Reason, we are hungry and desirous of respect and recognition of African Dignity. We want to be part of the Africa rising. We want to defend our heritage.
I am not alone in the realm of dreaming of a better Africa, an article published by quartz on behave of GE raises my hopes. The article observes that Africa is growing. That alone, is a reason for anyone with good intentions for our continent to celebrate. The World Bank and many other international agencies have seen the continent capabilities; they are now urging people to consider Africa as a great destination for development.
In the recent past, we have seen many multinational companies making in loads to invest in Africa. This is a good show that we are the next leader in the globe. However before we start priding ourselves, we need to address a myriad of challenges if we are to succeed as the leader of the world in the future.
Some of the critical areas we need to look at include
 Education
 Security
 Social protection and
 Unemployment.
Education is key to life was our motto where attended my elementary school. Nelson Mandela referred education as the only tool that we can use to eradicate poverty. Ironically, it seems that the more people are the more they become poor. This is astounding allegation which has some truth in it. While reading through a research published in the Nairobi Confidential, the authors indicated that rote knowledge and memorization which has been the only way of attaining academic qualification is not the kind of knowledge that will save Africa poverty. They recommended a critical analyses and radical transformation of the education system.
I agree that may the kind of education system we have had for some time now was not meant to help us to solve the kind of challenges we face today. We need a different system. It is not easy but if we anticipate moving we need to change our strategy. One of the way we can restructure or education system is by reintroducing some the good practices we had during the eras of our forefathers. Crucial among them is informal education.
Here we will have the youth come together to share what they have learn in their classes practically in terms of running their own enterprises. It is significant to introduce this informal education to encourage our communal practice as Africans which binds a group and encourage accountability. The World Bank report on the Pro-poor (2000-2001) confirmed the essence of having these informal groups. The report observed that those groups increase the social capita of individuals who are poor in the communities.
All the other areas security, social protection and unemployment are in one way or another related to education. For instance people are aware of their rights and can be involved in making policies that affects them in the mentioned areas.
It is therefore imperative that we empower our youths in villages, and cities with the right skills, expose them to the right value system. For this will pay dividends in the next dispensation. Networking through peer learning forums is the best way to transform our education system to inculcate the right mindset of the African youth.


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