I know you might not believe these. But I am convinced it is true. Today while in Matatu (Bus) in the crazy Nairobi jam I immersed myself mining knowledge from Constance Clancy-Fisher’s book The gift OF change.
In between the pages these statement caught my Attention (THE PARADOX OF OUR AGING PROCESS-UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) she quotes His Holiness the 14TH Dalai Lama saying “we have bigger houses but smaller families. More conveniences but less time. We have more degrees but less sense: more knowledge but less judgement. more experts but more problems, More medicines but less healthiness, we have been all the way to the moon and back but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor” is this not a worrying observation especially from a superpower country that we all look up to as our big brother? Is this not a reason we need to reconsider our values and principles as African?
I am a proud African, I admire our sense of community, I uphold he virtue of meeting and sharing ideas with others. This was born with us, we have grown to be taught of individualism and selfish nature. It is what is causing a problem in the other side of the world. Should we blindly follow them? NO! we need to learn of what their failures have been for us to devise a different strategy going forward. We need to learn from our past history hold what was valuable to us, especially the sense and premium that was put in our community.
Every time I meet with African youths, I only read of zeal and enthusiasm of sharing their experience. In such meetings we sharpen one another just like the Bible says, like iron sharpens iron so do man sharpen another.
We have seen the social evils that have been caused by human phenomenon; we have suffered the blunt side of the financial crises that were caused by the selfishness of capitalist in the developed world. The poor are the ones that are shouldering the effects of Global warming that my remote village no not.
This has been one of my major motivation towards advocating for social innovation. It has been the reason behind my passion to change Africa into a continent that value human dignity. It is the reason that every day I want to share with someone how important it is to respect the rights and opinion of others.
If the big brothers have started bleeding, be sure you will be the one to nurse them, comfort them and hold their hand to prosperity. However before the bleeding becomes catastrophe they have a responsibility to build capacity of the small brother, for if they don’t they will die, not a slow painless death but painful with so much regrets.
The US, UK, and others that have enjoyed the fruits of pure capitalism have realized that money without character and values is meaningless, that is why they are relentlessly pursuing social innovation. That is why they are actively involved in developing Africa. Yes it is our collective responsibility. Let us learn, and reeducate ourselves.


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