Which way for Education in Africa: Is it considering Survival for the fittest or social consequences?

As we stand Africa is the future of the world. However that can only be true if we start thinking critically about the value of education we acquire. The world is changing at a supersonic speed, reason why I think the kind of education system we have embraced before will not be of much help without transformation going forward.
According Dhiru Soni, Ahmed Shaikh,Anis Karodia,Joseph David Marvin Kambuwa and Malcolm Wallis in their article Time for radical makeover of the MBA s ,published in the Nairobi Confidential ,they observe that the objective of education in this period of globalization is no longer simply to convey knowledge but also to teach how to learn problem solving and synthesize the old with the new. They continue saying that rote knowledge and memorization would not be as useful as the ability to examine and integrate new information.
This fact is emphasized by Namakula E .Mayanjaa Ph D student in the university of Manitoba in Canada in his article Presidents in designer suits, citizens in rags published in the Nairobi Confidential, he Indicates that for Africa to break from the conflict trap then leadership training especially of the young and education for peace and conflict resolution in order to establish a culture of peace is imperative and should become a major component of education curricula.
It is clear that we are faced with challenges that would not be solved by a single individual, state or continent but by all those who live in the globe. We need to find better ways of teaching young people to be sensitive and have intrinsic understanding of relationship among businesses society, and political economy
How can we transfer this knowledge? Are we going to depend only on the conventional ways of learning? I don’t think so, we need to consider other ways, for instance we need to be keen on collaboration and partnership, and we need to pay attention to utilization of advanced technology. For the classroom situation, we will not be confined to it; we need to consider conferences and seminars as platform for learning and transferring of tacit knowledge.
We can adopt story telling as a mode of transferring knowledge, however this can be challenging given that we live in a digital era. Therefore, we needed to devise new ways of how we can share our stories. This way we will stretch the imagination of other people of the available opportunities for them to be involved in changing Africa to a continent that value respect and dignity of her people and those from other parts of the world.
My passion to make Africa a better place is because I am sick and tired of the nasty stories of heinous atrocities meted on innocent people, my passion is informed by my understanding that global human made phenomenon affect almost every locality in the world even the remotest village. It is clear for instance that global warming will affect every living creature hence we should advocate sustainability of the Environment.
Anybody who understands the humiliation of being poor will join me to advance the agenda of better leadership. Anybody who has experienced the effect of war and their eternal scars will stand against corruption.
For sure, Africa needs leaders who can make their economies less dependent on sales of raw materials and rapidly advance them towards manufacturing of goods without destroying their social and environmental capital in the process. We need to value respect and dignity as we value the financial gain in our endeavors.


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