Creating a Better future For Africa is a Responsibility of All Africans

After several decades of being referred to a dark continent, it is now our time to light the world. While our western friends are experiencing aging generation, Africa is experiencing youth bulge which if managed properly is reservoir, greater and precious than Gold. I say we are a blessed continent. In the next few years, we are the ones who will serve as the world horsepower in terms of innovation  . We will be the leaders in every field.

However as we dream these ambitious dreams , Rebecca Harrison of Africa Management Initiative (AMI) based in Nairobi observes that management  skills  is a constraint to Economic Growth , and that if Africa aspire to be the next world leader and reach its economic potential, then it is imperative to develop effective and better trained managers. What has been ailing us? is the question that we need to examine critically. Why is it that we have  failed to develop well equipped leaders ?

Maybe it is because we really never understood where we needed to be,of which we do now, or if we knew, we never imagined that it will outlive us. The short sightedness of our founding fathers will be forgiven because they only knew how to wedge a guerrilla war from the forest against the colonialist. They never had time, to creatively think on how to train and nurture managers and leaders, they never had an idea of how green energy will be produced, they never knew how M-Pesa will help people to get money while enjoying a cup of coffee in a restaurant. hence they could not imagine how to manage such innovation.

in an article published in the economist April issue,strategy rules:timeless lessons from Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Andy Grove, david Yofie and Michel cusumano indicate that we need to look forward to discover the industry shift  and then reason backward to know what to do about them.  This statement is true for Africa, we have been stuck in a kind of leadership that has tainted our image in the world. For Christ-sake, if in the event i had the power i will ask HE Pirrie Nkurinziza to respect the people of Burundi, i will ask him to hid to the cry even if for the minority.

For what are we going to benefit from the blood of innocent people that flows on earth.  What will we gain by sticking into power, if i had the thunderous voice, i will visit HE Nkurunziza in his dreams and tell him their is reason to let it go, there is reason for him to help somebody else to also serve the people of Burundi.

It is not only Burundi similar cases are depicted allover Africa, count from Xenophobia to the massacre of over fifty people in the tribal clashes between the Pokot and Turkana people in Kenya.

Like James Surewiecki observes,in his book ; The wisdom of the crowd a group of informed people will make a better decision than the most intelligent individual in their midst. Pritpal S.Tamber in his article: The future of health is giving community a voice, published in Stanford Social Innovation Review reaffirms my position about our dear continent, that if we are going to achieve substantial development, then we have to build the talents, abilities and gifts of our young African people. We have to encourage them to think globally but acting locally solving the social problems within their immediate society.

We are living in a Knowledge and service Economy, where information can be shared within a flashlight throughout the world. This is what i hope we will capitalize on to achieve great social innovation in different fields in Africa. Let us join hand to change our great continent.


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