Brutallity Against Innocent People : Reason Why I Am Still Crying for my Continent Africa

Few days after unidentified gunmen attacked the upmarket Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi on the 21st September 2013 i composed the poem below.


My memory lapsed that evening

My eyes won’t believe the scary images

My stomach would not hold lunch taken

My mouth will not manage to speak

When I saw blood streaming

Down bloody Westgate river

Tributaries of streams of blood

From the poor innocent shoppers

Innocent children both black and white

Children playing mother and father

Trying out their cookery skills

Not knowing they had a date with the dead


It is sickening to imagine

Those helpless women carrying precious life

Unborn but ready to push out any time

Maybe, in three weeks’ time

Happy jovial while shopping the best for the unborn

Not knowing they had a date with the dead

I can‘t stop, but wonder

Trying to force the imagination of what motivates them

Motivate them in their dreams to make others meet with

The date with the dead

Call them al-shabaab, al-kaida terrorists

It is uncouth barbaric and backwardness highly condemned


As the wild world wound

The events of the century

History will have been written in the motherland of peace

Indelible mark will have been left in soils of her inheritance

In the hearts of her sons and daughters

Will live grief and pain for ever


However those who have visited the date with the dead

Sooner than expected

May enjoy the full ness of joy and peace over yonder

May they have the heart of forgiveness for the pain ,

Inflicted on them during their date with the dead

All the saints gone may you pray for your mother land.

Agaki Mweberi

Then i was wondering how bloodthirsty terrorist attacked innocent people who were busy living their life. Today a lot of water has gone under the bridge.but then,  i continue wondering what ails Africa when riots erupt almost everywhere in the continent,count  from xenophobia in South Africa to protest against Nkuruziza contesting for presidency for the third time against the spirit of the constitution in Burundi. Who will save Africa from  this quagmire.

My desire is to see a peaceful continent, and that is why a continue crying for Africa, that is why i spend my time writing to encourage those who are doing the right thing. That is why i salute those who are fighting against imperialism in Burundi,those fighting against xenophobia in SA and those determined to eradicate malady of corruption . Africa, We can only prosper if we learn on how to relate and live with one another despite our differences, weaknesses and strengths.

Every one of us is endowed with inalienable rights, a right to life and opportunity. we should always strive each day to make live better for our generation and the one that will come. We can’t change the world  by always being embroiled in fights, but we can only achieve the change we desire by respecting others and accepting them as they are.

Every bit of me value people. That is why i cry for Africa, it is the reason i dream of the time when my son will not be judged through the lens of his grandfathers social status but his ability to interact with others, his ability to discern problems that affect the people and his ability to try finding a solution. This is the way i want to prepare, just like John the baptist  prepared the way for Jesus , i want to prepare the ground for social innovation for my son and his generation.

Let us resist the urge of using violence to solve our social problems. May we seek to dialogue. I know not of any problem that will not be solved through a conversation. We can try this Africa, start a conversation on social injustice, economic exploitation and many other social evils which continue to cramp down our development

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