Xenophobia in South Africa: Evidence of Hopelessness and Mistrust in Africa

Where there is no vision people perish. Unrest in South Africa should be a light signal telling us more than it is said by the government. We should sense deep frustration of the young people in one of our best economy in Africa. Today I choose to address myself to the behind the curtain issues that must have led to people turning against neighbours they have lived with for decades.

Just like it was in post-election violence in Kenya, lack of leadership and care for selfish interest left the country bleeding. Up to now we are bleeding and hurting. The scars are still fresh in the memories of the victims. Listening to interviews of some people from South Africa on Saturday 25th April 2015 in the Voice of America (VOA) radio I was not surprised to hear the interviewees bring out the courses of the xenophobia in South Africa as frustration and lack of proper leadership. I never want to be part of those who will seat and watch, but want to voice what I think may work for us Africans

According to Malawi president,H.E Professor Mutharika , his country is evacuating more than 4000 citizens. I know many more, especially from Kenya and many other countries. People who have gone to seek fortune in that beautiful country of the republic South Africa. Now, they entangled in a mesh of chaos, fear and desperation. This is a terrible state to be in.

I want to invite you to think with me, why do you think people never thought of fighting their neighbours while our world icon Nelson Mandela was still alive? Why do you think people migrated to South Africa in the first place? Me think because he had strong values, he was such a selfless leader. He inspired confidence. And we always thought it is the best place to be. Why Xenophobia now, you will wonder?

African youths have lost the hope because no one can be inspiration anymore. Think with me again, on Saturday 25th April 2015 the current president of Burundi HE Pierre nkurunzinza was given a go ahead to contest for presidency for the third time in the coming general election. I am told this occurred in contradicting circumstances, when then will a young African man who is willing and ready with ambition to lead the Burundi people have the opportunity if President Pierra want to go for more terms. In South Africa some of the government leaders are supporting the open discrimination and forceful eviction of immigrants, how can we save ourselves. In deed Lack of vision, breeds leaders who lack the picture of the future of our children, they will want to take the world now. They will want to even be buried with their prestigious cars like it happened in Nakuru Kenya

Due to self-interest, politicians are fanning the xenophobia in South Africa; they want the immigrants to leave there, for them to benefit from what has been developed. They want to take the Golden eggs by killing the hen that lays them, is that not ridiculous and perilous? But believe me they will get it, but only once. Their vision does not outlive the position they hold. Their present position gives the satisfaction they think they will never get if they lose them. This is because they have not developed trust with the young generation. Their imagination is full of gory images of the future without power. A reason they cannot inspire even their own children.

These individuals who are seeking to die while holding their position are controlled by insecurity syndrome. Can you imagine! They have no courage, sometimes even to tell their children how they have acquired their wealth. I think this the most unfortunate state one can be. My fellow youths, if this are the people we expect inspiration from I want not to be inspired.

These people never had a dream for us, they never had our interest, and we need to find a different source of inspiration. A source of inspiration which will help us to dream a different dream for our children up to seven generations and that of ourselves.

Where will we get leaders to inspire confidence among the African youth? Where will we get those who value human dignity and respect? Where are we going to get those who value trust as the only crucial element to building servant leadership in Africa?

My heart bleeds for my fellow young people for we are going to be used by irresponsible leaders with no vision to fulfill their insatiable urge for amassing wealth. The people who care not for us, but their own interest. People who will want us to kill the hen that will give us golden eggs tomorrow. I wish I can help to get this to you, if we feed the hen more we will get better and more eggs in the future for the hen will sire chicks which will grow into hens that will lay more eggs.

As a social entrepreneur seeking to restore dignity to my fellow Africans, I denounce the barbaric acts happening in South Africa, I call upon the youths to remember the selfless force that kept TATA in prison for 27 years and yet had no qualms with his oppressor. May we know that whoever who tells you to kill your brother is never a friend but a fiend who will at the end execute you to take what you have built.

My prayer is for us young people to stand against the dark forces. My wish is for us African youths to think of every individual as one with innate ability to help build a better Africa Empire. May we shun from those who blackmail us to fight within ourselves. They have no good intentions. Because their hope for tomorrow looks dull they will force themselves to stay in power no matter the cost.

Let us be vigilant. When the right time comes, may we use the power of our votes to reject their advances. May we use the power of information and network to resist their seduction by the wealth they have deprived us. May we develop that sense of Pan-Africanism building and developing our neighbor’s talents, gifts and abilities by sharing our stories. For our stories are the best and powerful ways to inspire others as Jan Philips says in his book the art of original thinking. This is the only source of our inspiration for the people we would have looked up to are terribly disappointing. Just like Martin Luther king Jr dreamt and of a better America and came to pass, I believe we will succeed.


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