Strategic Collaboration and Partinership a way to save Africa from Poverty, Corruption, and Global warming

My article today starts with the observation made by Jacqueline Novogratz’s article inspiring a life of immersion delivered at TED program. she states ” We face huge issues as a world; the financial crisis global warming, social and economic isolation, terrorism and corruption, and everyday we have a choice, we can the easier road, the more cynical road which is also sometimes based on the dreams of the past that never really never was, fear of each other or we can take much more difficult path of transformation, transcendence compassion and love but also accountability and justice” i think thee latter makes a lot of sense for social innovators like me.

Going through her paper, i felt the compelling force for me to write this article to add on to her voice. we in deed stand a chance to save Africa and the world from the problems we are facing- terrorism, corruption, poverty global warming- by transforming the way we think and act. Previously we have depended on dreams, dreams that have not saved. I am particularly always disturbed by the way we have handled our leadership. Impunity and human rights violation has been the order of the day in Africa.

We are at a verge of a social transformation, a transformation of how we look at things, a transformation on how we look at the youths. If we have to think of great transformation then mentorship is a compulsory component. like it has been said before, we should not think of the poor as receivers of whatever the philanthropist have to over but they should be the people with the solution to their problem who need to be facilitated, trained and educated. they should be imparted with knowledge on how they can implement their ideas.

We need to open our hearts and minds, develop generosity for the only way to build a shared value is by encouraging and appreciating other people as agents of change. we are all created with innate ability and capability of creating a world of our own through our imagination. we need to be thought leaders. thought lead3rs in various fields. Especially in Agriculture, we need to get people to talk about it. like James Lee says in his book strong in broken places- we can market a crisis, the same way we need to market sustainable agriculture as profitable and prestigious profession in order to attract young people to be involved.

If we are not willing teach and market agriculture, responsible leadership, respect on human rights, and upholding human dignity then we are prone to terribly fail. for i am a stronger believer in the creativity and uniqueness of people’s ability. my joy and happiness will be when i will see everybody respected, their opinions considered. like James surowiecki in his book the Wisdom of the crowd said, a decision made by a group of informed people is better that the decision that will be made by the brightest individual in the group. This is the reason why i believe in the potential and opportunity at the bottom of the pyramid.

Any government that is well meaning for the world should then give a deep consideration to those people who have been neglected for several decades. The youth, and women. I have always seen organization asking for 7 years of experience before they employ, we need to rethink our consideration. It is true that we can not solve the problems we are facing by the same consciousness that created them. And  believe the youth offers that alternative thinking.

Let us try it out.


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