When Your Integrity Is in Question: Your God, History, Networks, And Character Are Judged.

In this still and serene  moment of the night, two days after I reported back to the office as a Personal Assistant to Hon. Dr.Gesami, I take stock of what I have done and what has happened for the last one month. To start with I want to appreciate my boss, besides being my employer he has been a father. He has taken my weaknesses and sacrificed his time to mentor and educate me on what it means to be in the corporate world. Not many will do that.
His family, they have been a supportive pillar in my growth in the last two years. I have learnt on how to relate with others through them. I have Interacted with various people through their networks. And that is what anyone will desire to have in this world- a family that values others.
However after saying that, I should say the last one week has been difficult and challenging because I learned the unfortunate incident that led to me being sent on leave. Someone succeeded defrauding Mheshimiwa’s (honorable) account by drawing a cheque to his accomplices. It was such a barbaric act. As you will be right, just like my boss was, the Personal Assistant will be the first suspect. Hence I was sent home.
I am grateful to my boss for not letting me know why I was being sent for a compulsory leave. If I would have known, it will have traumatized me for the whole month. But because he is full of wisdom he kept quiet until investigation was completed. I am sure he must have been shocked by the incident. For two years I have worked with him nothing of that nature had happened. Therefore, that was a mystery that was supposed to be revealed. My God, my history, my networks and my character were under siege. The truth finally was found. Believe me I had no hint of what was happening. But now I am a free, free like the bird of the air because the investigation vindicated me. I am super clean and my conscience crystal clear.

That is not of interest though; tonight I focus on how your history, networks and character are called into fore when such incidents happen. I was shocked to learn that some people, when they heard of the unfortunate occurrence they were ready to bet their money because they believed I would not do such a despicable act. Some engaged me helping them run some few errands, thereby being fully occupied while I was on leave. What a generosity. That is why I always dream of a better Africa. If people were ready to help me grow, they will be ready to help more other youths to develop their talents, gifts and abilities.
My history in relating with people is not in question. I have inculcated concern for others as an important element of my life. The last one month has thought me the essence of relationship. It has reaffirmed the importance of respect for others. The last one month has thought me why we should build trust. It is only trust that can make somebody bet that you can’t do a horrible act like that of stealing your boss’s cheques; it is trust that you build that will enable others to recommend you to clients. If you don’t learn on how to build trust then you are as well as written off the books of history.

If we are to fight against the heinous acts –corruption, impunity social and economic deprivation in Africa, then we have to develop trust and credible networks. I have stated before that networks are our social currency that we can use to trade

in the market of knowledge and service economy. I have constantly reiterated that we need to move into a social innovation era where people are valuable than monetary gain. We need to build a society where the societal value is considered first before we consider financial gain.
This will require us to develop a strong character as individual and as a society. The strong character will then compel us to respect other people as individuals who are capable of building of a shared history for Africa. Just like it has been said let us watch of what we think for they make words, let us watch our words for they inform our actions, let us watch our actions for they build habits let has watch on our habits for they form our character. For sure from this statement character development is a process that can be effected through mentorship and education.
Let us take our time to build others for us Jan Philips the author of –The art of original thinking– says “we help develop others”. And this we can do by only creating a community. In the communities we learn to share our stories just like what I have done. All these, to encourage those who are discouraged. To give hope to the Hopeless. This is my mission for Africa. Developing nurturing and marketing Africa talents.

Craving for africa developementhttp://www.contagiouspassionafrica.org


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