The Mind of a Social Innovator: A case of the Micheal William McRae & Family

Social Innovation focuses on the qualities of people who have an urge to solve social problems like hunger, poverty and unemployment. These people uphold boldness, accountability,resourcefulness ambition, persistence and some degree of unreasonableness. Pastor Micheal William McRae during his first sermon delivered at Calvary Worship Center narrated his story and the experience he went through before he finally succeeded to come to Kenya with his family  from the United States of America. I can dare say it was nerve Numbing for me. It remains  an act of Boldness,Ambition. And yes, some degree of unreasonableness of a Social Entrepreneur to do all that they did.

Can you imagine selling your own house in the United States of America just to come drilling boreholes in a country like Kenya? Is it reasonable for you to leave your friends to venture into unknown water in a foreign country as a missionary ? depending on other people to support you? To a normal individual, that is next to impossible. While preaching pastor Micheal William sounded a man at peace with no hint of regrets. After studying the history of great Social Innovators like Jesus the son of God  and Cornelius the centurion in the book of acts in the holy Bible , Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, i know it is Micheal’s passion and desire to bring change in the society that is keeping him hold on even in the very difficult challenges.

I have seen his challenges, but thanks to servant leaders like Geoffrey Alemba, who always makes other people challenges their own. I have seen him run up and down the immigration department trying to secure work permit for pastor Micheal. Geoffrey i appreciate your effort.

Indeed if we expect to see different results in future then we have to aid social innovators with that little support that we can.It doesn’t matter whether is only helping them find their way to your communities. it doesn’t matter whether is smiling to them for them to feel appreciated. it is your contribution. it is what we need to spark our imagination to think of better solution to our problems. For if we need prosperity in the field of social entrepreneurship in Africa then we should be ready to learn to embrace strategic collaboration. We should have an understanding and be willing to foster conditions that produce solution to social problems.

Pastor Michael and your family, know this today, you are great social innovators, continue stretching your imagination, continue with your global thinking.Just like in the Bible people followed Jesus because they saw the signs he had performed by healing the sick, people will follow you, for you will give them life- Water-, you will give them hope for the future.

I take this golden opportunity to welcome you to the family of C.P.Africa social Innovators.


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