A week ago while seeking to find ways to be relevant and successful in life, i sought the counsel of one Engineer, Pastor Femi Abidoye from Nigeria  of what he makes of being successful in this era of knowledge and service economy. During our conversation he brought out three levels that people belong in terms of success. 1. survivors 2. successful & 3.significance.

Just like the hierarchy of human needs, the three levels can be expressed in terms of a pyramid starting from survivors at the bottom and significance at the top.

To him survivors  are those who are working to live.To him people at these level have no option but to do whatever they can find and what they are told. They are at the mercy of those who are able to offer something. At the level of success, lies a number of people. I was surprised to learn that even presidents and those perceived to be accomplished in life can still be stuck at this level, never to experience significance.  at the level of success everything is about personal financial gain . While at the significant level the chief motivation comes from helping change a life. Helping to build a Just society. This where i finally want to be.

To me as a social entrepreneur, sick and tired of exploitation and social injustice in Africa  i sought to know where i am. I want to confess i was i bit scared. But Femi assured me that one can start from the bottom and achieve the level of significance.  Looking at some of the great men in  Africa like late Nelson Mandela, H.E.Kofi Annan and their great contribution, looking at the likes of Femi and their willingness to mentor and help young people grow to become servant leaders, my HOPE IS REKINDLED.

At the level of significance we will hear not of mega corruption like what we are seeing in Kenya, at the level of significance we will not hear of nepotism,at the level of significance tribalism will be a thing of the past. At the level of significance we can be assured of people taking personal responsibility for their misdeeds. At the level of significance we will be assured of economic development

Just like Martin Luther King Jr during fight civil rights in America dremt of a just society , i too dream of a better Kenya, i dream of a better Africa, I dream of Africa where leaders will not want to be flown to a crime area and leave the Recce squad who are supposed to tackle terrorist only for hundreds of students to butchered in the hostels like goats in a slaughter house, i dream of Africa where leaders will be willing to mentor others to take their positions i dream of Africa where we will be disturbed by the pictures of those who are dying of hunger and enact policies that will solve that problem. I know that is your dream  too.

My fellow young Africans, we can make it to the level of significance. Now is the time. Let us do it now  by challenging the status quo.


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