I write this article with deep sorrow of losing many lives to the heinous act of terrorist at Garissa university in the northern part of Kenya. i am perturbed with the messages that i am seeing. i am surprised by the reactionary nature of the community where the university is located, the government, politicians and even the international community. i wish i can do much as to bring those who have gone to be with the lord back to live just like Jesus did to Lazaro. But that is not within what i can do, May God give them strength those who have been affected.

As i ask for strength during this difficult moment  i should say that i am ashamed that we have always run away from the reality of what is ailing us.As kenyans we need to know that growth is a function of learning. when we were attacked at westgate, mpeketoni, kapedo we still know not what we can do in future to deter this. we have not started having a serious conversation on how we can restore trust in a community full of mistrust. We have not stopped thinking of my tribe, my community, and my people to seeing all as human beings.

As i write this article let me quote the words of John Bevere the author of the Bait of Satan  ” There is a false sense of self-protection in harboring offence. It keeps you from seeing your own character flaws because blame is always defered to another”. me think this is what will bring our beautiful country to its knees. To H.E. The President Uhuru Kenyatta thank you for stepping out to start dealing with corruption. personally i believe it must have contributed to what has happened at Garissa university. However, the Commission of inquiry you were to set up during westgate attack should be set up now. All of us should know refusing to deal with an offense will not free us from the problem . It will only give us temporary relief. The root will remain untouched.

let us set out,start  conversation not how my community will benefit if your clansmen gets a position in the government. But how our diversity can be our strength to protect ourselves from the enemies. How we can use our diversity to create a pool developing a generation that will drive this beautiful country out of poverty diseases and illiteracy, how we can use our diversity to add more sweetness to our lives.

Lastly my prayer is that we are going to start thinking in terms of a community. A community as a  channel of developing trust and a platform to help other people build talents gifts and abilities.this will make it easy for us to refuse the despicable acts of groups like AL-SHABAB, BOKOHARAM, ISIS ALQAIDA and all other terrorist groups. shalom


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