“He who comes into equity must come with clean hands.”

The statement featured in most talks and court case submissions of the founding father of Singapore, H.E the Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew while trying to lay a foundation for Singapore. While reading through his book from third world to first, I get a sense of a man committed to principles, proper value system and respect for humanity. However he also seems to be a no nonsense man to corruption. Last week the Thursday of 27th march 2015 in his State of the Nation Address the president of Kenya H.E Uhuru Kenyatta decided to attack corrupt individuals in government head on directing them to step aside to allow independent investigation to be conducted. I am in total agreement with him.

Unlike the president of Kenya, the story of Kuan yew was well known to all. His incorruptible character was never doubted, his relationship with the outside world was supportive of most projects he undertook and his vast and rich network of technocrats was an asset to his style of leadership and Governance. As I agree to the state of the nation address in Kenya, I am cognizant of the fact that the president of Kenya’s past history is not in the public domain. His friends are the not the very trusted people in the public. Not much is known about his stand on the very issue in the heart of the discussion- Corruption .And all this adds to the complexities of the how issue of eradicating corruption not only in Kenya but also in Africa

While he was fighting against corruption in Singapore, Kuan Yew had the guts to sack his ministers. He led the way into fighting corruption by him taking a decisive action. He never left it to the public prosecutor alone. He demanded for evidence before asking people to step aside. This allowed him to win in most of the cases. Is that the tradition here in Kenya? I surely don’t think so

In Kenya what happens is such shadowy that the ingenuity of the same exercise and the intentions become questionable before the eyes of the public and even to those who are being asked to step aside. I will be happy to see the president follow up on the progress of the investigations with such zeal that will demonstrate his commitment to fight against the vice.

The president should eschew from tribal lieutenants whose intentions always are to take advantage of the very small opportunity they get to embezzle. Instead he should be focused to saving the country from the endemic disease- corruption. He should take his sweet time to think of how he will give Kenya what the really meaning of Uhuru (independence). Exactly what the founding father of Kenya his father meant when he gave him the name “Uhuru”.

Even as I plead with the government to sort out corruption, it is also incumbent upon us to also go with clean hands while we call for eradication of the vice. Especially us the youths. I was amazed yesterday when somebody told me that we are the cause of electing incompetent and greedy leaders into office. When I thought about it later, I realized that we surely might be a contributing factor. Reason being we are the majority and most of us are always compromised to choose somebody with unquestionable character.

Let us clean our hands, develop our principles and character before we start pointing fingers to others. Let us start it ourselves and ask the president to take lead of the mentioned cases. For that way, we are able to increase the chance of eradicating corruption in Kenya and Africa at large.

It will be perfect to end with the words of Jim Philips the author of the art of original thinking “ when everyone comes to the table from a place of total freedom with unadultered willingness to serve with full access to their feelings and inner resources and awareness of the group’s mission and power to fulfill it, then the circle of the individuals will be capable of achieving anything they can dream of.”


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