Success = Opportunity + Fate + Hardwork

In the year 2012 August together with my eight colleagues from the University of Nairobi while visiting my current boss Hon. Dr.Gesami at his home he said this about success: “success is a combination of Opportunity (luck), Fate and Hard work”. As I work for him as his Personal Assistant I keep on pondering on this statement said in a quiet and serene environment. To some extent I believe he is right.
Looking into oxford advanced learner’s dictionary I Inquire the meaning of each of the word that has been mentioned as a factor to success. Opportunity is defined as the time when particular situation makes it possible to do or achieve something. How can you detect an opportunity? This is one fundamental question that you need to answer before success can strike your way. Believe me you cannot encounter an opportunity while you are seated in the bunk or at the comfort of your couch. You can only encounter with it on your way while moving. Maybe that is the reason as to why Martin Luther King made this statement “If you can’t fly, run if you can’t run walk if you can’t walk crawl if you can’t crawl make sure whatever you are doing keep on moving.” In most cases serendipity is what leads you to an opportunity. I can attest to this fact.
Opportunities are not a select for certain individuals or class. It is for all those who are hungry. Like Les Brown state,you gonna be hungry for whatever you want to achieve. The bible says the kingdom of God belongs to the strong and will only be taken by force. I should not be mistaken to meaning fighting or depriving others of what they have worked hard for, what they rightfully own. No! I am a stronger believer of social justice. Being strong I mean you need to have the stamina to persevere and endure until you get the right opportunity. Success is build with time. Just like Rome was not build in a day you can’t build your success in a day. Never be cheated.
Fate is said to be the power that is believed to control everything that happen and cannot be stopped or be changed. Being a Christian I always believe that my destiny is in the hands of God and he has good plans for me. You are allowed to believe in whatever you subscribe to. In most cases I have no worry for I know I have assurance of divine protection. However sometimes you have power to your fate, if you will know how to activate the power of your tongue. The power of confession. Confess by your own mouth whatever you desire and you will achieve. Sharing your story. Declaring something gives your heart and mind the impetus to face challenges on the way.
Whenever you think of your fate just like me sometimes you get scared. However that should not hamper you from working hard towards achieving your dreams. Hard work is putting a lot of effort into doing something well. I insist that if you have to intensify working on anything it should be developing yourself. Take your sweet time to develop your talents, gifts and abilities. Developing oneself involves reading, interacting and helping others to grow. This is what Joel Osteen advises “don’t always try to work hard to be successful, help others to be successful and yours will come.” John C. Maxwell says a good leader is one who develops other leaders. It is clear you only need to concentrate more on developing others for you to succeed. But never forsake your personal development. It is good also to note that individual success sucks and can elude you if solely depended upon. So learn to create and maintain quality network for that is your currency which will connect you to opportunities.
With my vision of making Africa a better place devoid of poverty, ignorance and diseases I am set to help Personal Assistants through Contagious Passion Africa to discover their strengths as they help their bosses prosper. Join me in sharing your story to help others discover their Talents Gifts and Abilities.


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