Can you manage to live beyond your expectations and that of others? Yes. I have seen and heard people who have lived past their expected time. Sometimes the doctors have given days to a patient to live, fortunately and miraculously they survive past the deadline. Sometimes you have been told you should not cross that line and most people have defied that caution and they have survived. Sometime you have seen a car crush and you think Gosh! Nobody survived from that accident. To your wonderment you realize that people were saved.
This is a reason I believe I can do anything that my heart desires to do by being cognizant of others. Since sometimes back I always wanted to be close to those who will comfort me, since sometimes back I yearned for somebody to say something good about me. However it seems to me rare numbers have decided to take the rules of human engagement by Dale Carnegie seriously. Many want to get what they want no matter the cost. It doesn’t matter whether it hurts your neighbor. You are the king! You are the queen!
I am not perfect but since I read that human interaction guide how to make friends and influence people I will confess I have achieved more that I think I will have achieved if I was arrogant and bitter. I tend to run away from arguments for from experience I have discovered no one wins in an argument.
If you want to succeed you need to give chance a chance. However, as we are doing that we need to prepare for any crisis and handle others with care. Quoting James Lee a crisis is when you are required critical decision that will change the lives of people. To him to handle the crisis is by you finding a way to make, incur or cause the least loss
James Lee surprises me by saying that we have to market the crisis. That we need to market the decisions we have to make that will affects the lives of people starting from you. To go back to dale Carnegie, we need to check on our words. We have no reason of being prophets of doom even if we were to we should make the doom someway better. To encourage someone should be our number one priority. I know one can be corrected via encouragement. Only that you need to train yourself on doing that. It is not easy but it can be done. But you can do beyond expectation.


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