I sit in one of the coffee house in Nairobi city Kenya while enjoying my one month leave from the Kenya National Assembly as a Personal Assistant to Hon .Dr. Gesami reflecting of my undertaking for the last two years. It has been an exciting experience. For once I am ready and willing to appreciate the work of a personal assistant. I have been compelled to prop more to understand the value and role of a personal assistants.
You might be shocked what I have discovered. Fact: our mothers are the best and most accomplished personal assistants. Fact; mothers are the most unappreciated and unrecognized individuals in Africa. With these two facts then ask yourself a question: How will you want your mother to be appreciated? How will you want this to be done?
I have thought of a solution. Experts say that for a message to be adopted by the public then they have to hear it more than 20 times. We want to profile the experience of several mothers in Africa; we want to share their challenges while working as your personal assistant while you were a toddler. All these in the effort to encourage, inspire and improve the engagement of those who are working as personal assistants. These messages will be published in our Facebook page, in our website and many media channels.
I believe that hope comes from hearing. And we can only hear what has been spoken. Whatever that has to be spoken it has to be done through a certain platform. And that is the platform we want to avail at CAP Personal Assistant Consultancy


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