These words are still resounding in my mind from the great sermon from one brilliant and intelligent electrical engineer Femi Abidoye from Nigeria. In between the sermon my heart sunk into the ocean of experiences I have had while growing in the village. It brought into fore the feelings of how lucky I have been, quietly and consistently my mind rolled through several divine moments I have encountered for over twenty years. It brought into remembrance my vision and mission as a #socialentrepreneur

As I sought to keenly mine from his reservoir of his illustration and explanations, I can dare say he never disappointed me nor do I think the other brethren were disappointed, because after the sermon all faces were glittering, smiles written over their faces. That is the only prove you needed to know that people were energized.The highlight of the sermon was the three main points that he focused on: 1. we should be sensitive for us to have divine encounter, 2. we must seize every moment for us to experience divine encounter, finally 3. We need to be pure.

As social entrepreneurs how can we use the points above for us to experience divine encounters, we need to be sensitive to other peoples plight, we should value others as equally created with ability potential and gifts that can also contribute to changing the community. It is because people were sensitive to my situation, that they took me as their son, paid my school fees when I had no hope back in the year 2002 December after my father was promoted to be we the lord. It is for that reason I am able to write this article. It is for that reason that my conscious is always inclined towards helping others to discover and develop themselves. It is for that same reason I am hungry for new knowledge that will help me to contribute to development of a just world. My fellow entrepreneurs it is for that reason that I encourage you to take action in educating, encouraging and motivating the despised in the society that they have the ability and potential to change their lives.

When I go through the words of great legends, great leaders in the world, Martin Luther King JR, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa, they were all cognizant of the challenges people were going through. They were sensitive to the difficulties the society was going through that they sacrificed their own lives to fight for their liberation. Isn’t it amazing, doesn’t sound illogical and crazy? But all the same they gave themselves. Abraham in the bible sacrificed so many things in different circumstances, David did the same who are we then to divorce from this reality. I want not to be part in this divorce.

We must seize the moment; that was another paramount reaffirmation of golden rule for social entrepreneurship that I have always upheld. Never waste your time. Humbly and graciously acknowledge that others are better that you. Seek to tap from their springs of knowledge, engage them in conversation, be patient enough to invest emotionally, socially economically and spiritually, you have to learn to create a relationship. I have termed relationships and networks as a social currency that you will use whenever you want to transact with others in a social world. Never look down upon somebody as the adage goes, be good on your way up for you might meet the same people on your way down. The only investment that cannot be depleted is the network that is created on mutual respect and trust. That is what I work hard to achieve in my life as a social entrepreneur.

Finally we need to be pure: we need to run away from exploiting others, we need to shun from misusing other peoples ignorance to demean them, we need to run away from the temptation of despising others we need to run away from corruption and use of power and position to steal from the poor. Rather it should be our responsibility to jealously guard the rights of others. We should strive hard to retain and sustain human dignity for we are all beautifully and wonderfully made.

May as you read this article experience your divine encounter as we prepare to make the world a better place for all. just like Nelson Mandela experienced divine encounter while i prison where he read for his bachelor of law.


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