We are growing in a world that is confusing and contradictory, we are growing in a world where social injustice and intolerance are key words that can better describe the circumstances, we are growing in a world where impunity and big man syndrome is crippling development, we are growing and living in a world that hopelessness is blurring the unemployed youths in most of our African states. The question is, are we to continue sitting and waiting for manner from heaven like the Israelites did? NO!
We need to rise up to the occasion to counter these vices and rewrite a new vision for Africa- we need to dream a new and better dream for Africa, we need to gather courage and confront the atrocities meted on innocent people. And how can we do this? Through reeducation. From the English Oxford Dictionary: education refers to a process of teaching training and learning, it is also defined as process of improving knowledge and developing skills.
Previously we have been thought, we have been trained and we have learned in a corrupted system in terms of values, we have been fed the trash that we are seeing as a by- product of utterances of obscene languages used by the so called leaders-for as the nugget of wisdom state as a man thinketh so is he-It is a disgrace, but the sad reality is that is what we will produce if we were to be in the same position ,because that is the way we have been socialized, that is the way we have been brought up. And that defines us. That is why we need to redefine ourselves as young people
Is there any remedy as far as change is concerned. I say YES! we need to start educating ourselves about different kind of value system. And I envision those values to be the ones that consider everybody as one with innate capability and capacity to contribute towards meaningful development of the society. I envision that system to be one that does not compromise on the character of an individual , I envision that system that embraces social justice, I envision that system that allows every individual an opportunity to access basic utilities without having to bribe finally I envision a system that insist on appreciating and encouraging individuals within the society
Methinks we can only achieve these dream as African youths by starting to reeducate ourselves of what matters. We need to reeducate ourselves to unlearn the rotten values that we have been thought before; we need to reeducate ourselves to utilize our energy in meaningful tasks like helping others to discover themselves, to discover their talents, gifts and abilities. We need to take up the challenge of dreaming a better dream for African progeny. We need to start dissecting and bringing down the wall of clansim, nepotism and tribalism which has characterized African leadership. We need to stand bold enough to denounce links with the dark world of African leadership which is synonymous with impunity and corruption. we need to discern the selfish interest of our for fathers and find ways of creatively disengaging from them, declaring ourselves free from the shackles and chains of THE AFRICAN SPELL We need to start a conversation.
A conversation is an informal talk involving a small group- oxford English dictionary but of interest is the definition by #Jim McCann in his book The art of conversation leadership he says- conversations are ways of exploring imagining hashing things out, bouncing ideas of others while seeking theirs. For me as a #socialentrepreneur this is what we urgently need in Africa just like now. I want to appreciate many youth organizations that have realized this and have started the conversation. Silencing the guns by the AFRICAN UNION and many of the individual youths who have taken to the social media to speak out on the change of our mind set as a key ingredient for the development of Africa. I acknowledge the effort by @GraceMageka who is taking Africa on social media, @stephen machua who is so passionate about mentoring young people instilling the proper values that will set the base of the new dream for the future of Africa. I think this is what we need it doesn’t matter how small.
As we educate young people in Africa I am convinced the power of the crowd (youth bulge) is what will set the rotten African leadership systems packing as it drowns in the sea of oblivion. However a word of caution, the power of darkness can be challenging sometimes soothing, we may be lured by glittering things to sway us off the right path of conversing let us have the courage to desist from them just like Jesus in the bible did when Satan tried to tempt him with giving him the whole world of wealth if He worshiped him. The irony though is Jesus is the creator of the universe. The same way we may be tempted by the corrupted leadership of the corrupted system to disown the right values in exchange for wealth, the sarcasm will be the same narrative as that of Satan. I believe we have innate ability to build our wealth in the right manner
Let us start the CONVESATION!!!!


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