“Corporate social responsibility is as a result of lack of public social responsibility” these are the powerful words of Joe Biden the Vice president of the USA. While I wander through my mind trying to figure out the ailment of our African states that have been on the mark for all the very nasty reasons, violations of human rights, corruption and imperialism.
When I first came across the word public service, I tried to find out what was the exact meaning, I found out from English oxford dictionary that it referred to something that is done to help people rather than making profits. Marrying the statement OF Joe Biden why does he seem to prefer public service than that of corporate. Corporate are always geared towards making profit even at the expense of the people. That the world for a corporate is all about cutthroat competition which is detrimental for even development of the society. Looking at African society where the elites have taken the society as a vehicle to get political power. Exploiting the poor by giving them handout.
Ironically when they have achieved their goals, they are termed public servants. How can you think of that, how dare you imagine that, when they have a hole in their bank accounts which they dug while giving you bribes for you to vote for them. They literally buy our vote. It means our votes become their commodity not a voice that gives us the moral authority to ask them to serve us.
In the search to refill their sacks with money they will give you every time they form corporate companies that they use to milk public coffers. Have you ever seen the zeal, with which some companies are protected in Kenya, do you know why some powerful individual will support a certain presidential candidate to death? it amazes me. They sign a contract with them that when they come to power what they have gained should be protected. I have come to learn that some people own the country while others just exist. It is indeed unethical but what can we do we are the very people who have caused that to ourselves. How you will ask? We have generated a superhuman perception of the “MHESHIMIWA” that they have capable of offering quick fixes to our problems.
If I had the ability now I will say let us develop public service responsibility, where the public utilities comes first before companies, I will prefer having people passionate people to serve rather than having corporate leaders leading the public entities. I will teach people that to be really happy you need more than pleasure and possession. That you must have to help others develop their talents and skills. It is true that if we smile looking for opportunities to be kind to the others and develop self- control we will be more successful happier and probably live longer
Currently most of the leaders we have had have squandered their opportunities to show leadership, they have thrown their manners to the dogs they have stripped naked of their respect. They have lost the moral authority to lead us into Canaan. That is why I want to invite my fellow African youth to imagine why we have few if any of our leaders can inspire hope for the kid to hope for a better , Africa ? Why is it that there is an American dream but not an African dream?
It is a time where we need to call ourselves to public social responsibility first before we do corporate social responsibility. Even as we seek to ask people to sign performance contracts , let us know that the only fortune worth finding is the purpose in life and it shall not be found anywhere else than in our hearts. We need to let go off our comfort zones, let go off what make sense to us in order for us to discover the wonder of the unknown to get the life that we want.
Finally let us hold fast to what is true and know that every one of us has a unique ability to help build Africa into a better place- aluta continua from where TATA Nelson Mandela left, That we will be among those that will build an AFRICAN DREAM. That we will be the Martin Luther king who dreamed of a better AMERICA. It is your obligation, it is my responsibility.


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