We are into the sixth day of this year 2015. Many of us have made resolutions but I don’t know what promises you have made to yourself, and those that you will interact with. Towards the end of last year I had the opportunity of reading through the autobiography of Joe Biden the current vice president of the United States of America, wherefrom I have derived my title for this article. “PROMISES TO KEEP”
Throughout the book I am persuaded that every day’s activity contributes to keeping the promises that you have made. Unless we do that we will utterly is true that people who live out their purpose build credibility by making plan and executing it effectively and demonstrating that it was a right plan. Whatever we do goes into the most fundamental of our socialization. Socialization is a result of what we do every day as we interact with others. According to Biden his religious background and the values that his parents instilled in him became an anchor in his live as a senator and public servant In the US senate.
In fulfilling his promises of fighting injustices meted against black people and their civil rights, he committed himself to personal growth. I was amazed by his hunger for new knowledge. He became an expert in foreign policy. His knowledge came in hand to help President George. W. bush while fighting against terrorism after the 9/11. Maybe you have resolved this year to personal growth like I have done. It will be a great experience, I can dare say like some of the great people who have gone before us that self -growth is tender, it is holy ground and there is no greater investment than that. Even as we do this may we remember that we live in a community where many need our help. May we not shun the habit of sharing valuable information that will help us grow together. for we are together strong than our own.
But even as we resolve to personal growth let us not be blinded by our daily success, for we are vulnerable to calamities and misfortune. After Biden lost his first wife and daughter in an accident with his two boys injured immediately he had won the senatorial seat,  he was devastated, it was heart breaking,but he had those who supported him, we are not an exception we need to build that support each day , it is life, I don’t know what befalls me when I am done writing this piece, it is a mystery. But we hope that we will live to see the next minute and therefore let as be mindful of others. And if anything goes have I created strong support system to keep me going is the question that linger in my mind. Let us learn to appreciate them and help them if we can to know what they are good at, what their talents gifts and abilities are. This is what a call the heart of a social entrepreneur. He is not alluded by self-importance but humble enough to help others.
Let us guard our habits, we can do this by checking our daily actions for as Horace mann,a great educator said “habits are like cable we weave strands of it everyday and soon cannot be broken”. Let us be committed to personal growth, let us go back and rediscover our lost values, may we observe dignity of others , may we respect other peoples opinion, may we shun from the sense of irrationality and mediocrity that was portrayed by our so called honorable members of the National Assembly of Kenya on the 18th of December 2014, may we seek to understand others before we seek to be understood, may we shun sycophancy and embrace logical and meaningful conversation of what we want to achieve as Africans, as young people and human beings. If we keep these things then we will keep the promise of personal growth.


2 thoughts on “PROMISES TO KEEP IN 2015”

  1. I love your ideas Man…
    To make a difference, Lets do all we can do, for all we can do is all we can do, and all we can do is enough but …LETS MAKE SURE WE DO ALL WE CAN DO …keep it up Bro

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