THE SHEPHERD: mentorship in the African way

The definition of a shepherd is the one who herds or tend the sheep. Think of Moses in the bible, he was a shepherd herding his father in law sheep. Jesus was a shepherd taking care of the people- came to save those who were lost, giving sight to the blind, mother Teresa was a shepherd who Faithfull tended the poor during his time. Nelson Mandela was a shepherd who fought for the rights of his own people. Stephen machua is an example of a youth in Kenya committed to herding young people through mentorship. All social entrepreneurs are shepherds with the responsibility of helping others discover their talents gifts and abilities. All these in the spirit of helping others to develop their personality and making Africa a better place.
Listening to the sermon of Femi Abidoye from Nigeria Entitled Engaging the ministry of the shepherd, I was amazed how we as social entrepreneurs have great opportunity to impact positively towards changing the lives of others. We can easily do this by taking the following attributes of a faithful shepherd. Being a simplifier, amplifier, magnifier and beautifier of African development dream. Many are going to ask how?
How can one be a simplifier: is it not by always trying to find a way to make things easier, and simple? Think of how hard it is for the world to identify the needs of the society. If we are trying in our own small ways to help others realize how important they are in developing the world they live in, if we are encouraging them, if we are mentoring them then we are making things simple for the world. This is how we can be good shepherd not like the kanyari’s in Kenya who are willing to exploit the vulnerability of the less fortunate in the community for them to afford range rovers.
Never forget to be the amplifier, let us imagine of the meeting that was held at oak place kiambu, what a privilege to have a chance to be there. But how can the message shared in the room reach out to the world if we can’t speak about it. To be an amplifier we ought to thing of the best ways to get whatever that is important shared in a small meeting to the world through our social media. I am so impressed with my sister Grace Mageka in Kenya whose tenacity in informing the world of how great our young Africans are doing. For her constant search for opportunities for the youth and posting them on her Facebook is such a wonderful and marvelous act. Can somebody tell me why as African we can’t achieve great things with the rise of young passionate people who are willing to shepherd for the flocks of young African people to achieve their dreams. As social entrepreneurs we can amplify the best practices of Africa. We can keep the good cultural practices. Let us not follow the floods.
Being a magnifier is always trying to demystify that what we think is right, that which is acceptable, and that which can create a positive impact in the society. Not that which encourages inhuman acts, not that which promotes discrimination according to race, colour or social status. Being a magnifier is to be a good mentor, being a person concern about others well-being, not contributing to corrupt acts that eventually leave the hearts of people bruised, hurt and wounded. These and many more acts done by you are the example of magnification that this world hunger for.
We can be beautifiers of our African culture; we can take pride of being Africans, we need to shout it out that we value who we are as Africans. We don’t need to be lectured on how to think, but we always allow the contribution of others who are humble and ready to show us the way. We are past the era of dominion we are past the era of colonization. We need to take pride of who we are. We should learn to respect one another; we should learn to honor and respect every individual. We need to learn on how to appreciate ourselves. for it is true that no one is willing to follow whoever does not seem to have direction. Let us thing over these issues and if we find them true let us appreciate and embrace them


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