GREAT IMPEDEMENTS TO PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: from the eye of a social entrepreneur

The Sunday of 26th October 2014 was another exciting moment for me, listening to a sermon entitled “sometimes you have to see things differently for you to do things differently. While ice-breaking, Pastor Ron Wooten shares a story that made news in December 1903 in the beaches of North Carolina. Hope you can roll back the memory in the books of history; it is during this time the Wright brothers succeeded in piloting the flying of a powered airplane. The plane flew for 12 seconds covering only 20 feet. This was such a milestone in the history of man and it opened a whole new world and way of doing things. Doesn’t this sound interesting?

However the most interesting part was the text that he had chosen as a foundation of his preaching. Hope most of us are aware of the story of David and Goliath 1st Samuel 17. Reading the story again, I wondered how sometimes I have squandered great opportunities because of fear. Fear is the greatest weapon that is used by the enemy to immobilize and defeat; fear is what makes life difficult. Fear is what will hamper your personal development.

Even in life, as a social entrepreneur, I have come to learn that many will never want to see you celebrate your success; instead they will try to raise barriers that will hinder you from developing. You might be sharing this experience from your past. The foes of development are always angry when they see you putting the right foot forward defying the odds. Can you imagine that David was isolated from the family by being given his position? In the field was his place. He was not expected in the battle field because he was thought to be weak and of no help. Think of this conversation between David and his eldest brother “why have you come here? With whom did you leave the few sheep in the desert? I know how conceited you are and how wicked your heart is, you came down only to watch the battle.”

There is something that David was synonymous with: taking care of the sheep, there was a conventional wisdom that the Wrights brothers were expected to follow: maintaining the status quo, but they all had the courage to defy. As we are in the journey of developing others, many will condemn us, many will question our intent. But for us to achieve our goals sometimes we will have to defy the conventional way of doing things. Never let anybody despise you for we all have innate ability to do things that no other can do.
However I should be quick to say that what people always think is our great undoing becomes a great opportunity. David was sent to the field because he was small in size and incapable of fighting giants like Goliath according to the description given. It is in that despised profession that he acquired fighting skills by learning to protect his father’s sheep from the lions and bears. The world icon Nelson Mandela was jailed for 27 years but during this time through correspondence he acquired a bachelor’s degree in law. Sometimes our ability to stay calm and still will helps us to start imagining of new ways executing strategies in our business. Therefore sometimes let us see positivity in the time of solitude

The army of the Israelites ran back and forth for forty days scared, morning and evening while the philistines took their position. They failed to make a decision. The worst state of mind is when you are not able to make a decision. Paul writing to the people of Philippians said this, finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right whatever is admirable whatever is lovely whatever is pure- if anything is excellent or praise worthy-think about such thing. It makes a big difference to decide, for if you don’t someone else will decide. For instance when we are supposed to be involved in choosing good leaders we abscond that responsibility and let others do that for us. Yet these same leaders make policy and laws that affect us.

It is important to realize where our strengths are; we need to identify our weaknesses. In most personal development programs, an individual development is seen as communal. A group is as weak as the weakest person within them. We should encourage people to participate in programs that will help develop the society for the community is the best mirror of our character. Our character determines our destiny. We should not stop coming together, for during our interaction is when we can help each other discover our talents, gifts and abilities. I hope that we are all going to purpose thinking differently. Let us start in the very small way that you can developing other people and that will be the first step towards the many miles we have before we succeed in making Africa a better place devoid of poverty and ignorance.


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