In the words of Wayne Dyer “when you seek happiness yourself it will always elude you. When you seek happiness for others you will find it yourself” these are the words that drive my ambition, these are the words that make me sleep hoping that things will be better tomorrow. These are the words if not for them life can be such meaningless.
We are on the highway running to eradicate poverty ignorance and diseases in Africa. As social entrepreneurs the consolation is that our dreams are valid and that in the fullness of time if we don’t give up helping others, we will reap the benefit’ happiness ‘in our lives and that of our family.
What else can be a greater motivation than seeing helpless people become better and productive in the community? What is better that seeing cheerful faces in the world dominated by chaos? What is better than knowing that you left a mark of giving the skills to those who are deemed outcast in the community, what more joy can one derive in this world than knowing that majority of the people are not vulnerable to exploitation by the greedy and selfish individual from the so called elite class -because they are self-reliant. I dare say no comparison
How can we do this as social entrepreneurs? It will all start with you, you have the power to transform the small world you are living in. it will take a strong resolve to overlook the conventional way of doing things, it will take the tenacity and determination it will take that innate nature of human being, that which has been suppressed in order not to see the plight of others who are struggling. That which has blinded our eyes not to see the dire need for respect for human rights, that which for so long has deafened us not to hear the cries of the poor and those languishing in pain due to hunger and thirst
Let us get out of our comfort zone to help others for us to gain access to the happiness that we desire.


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