While going through the Kenyan people daily I came across an article on the revamped National Youth service mentorship program targeting over 200,000 young people in Kenya. It struck me how hard I have prayed and tried in my very simple way to demonstrate how important it can be. The missing link in Africa development has been lack of good will to establish a culture of helping others to grow.
Now it has come, what I always yearned for!, a realization that everyone has a potential to contribute to development of Africa. Thanks Hon. Ann Waiguru, cabinet secretary for devolution. Putting together 22,000 recruits to mentor others is the best thing I have ever imagined of. Letting the knowledge and skills be transferred hands on. I can’t ask more than this. We are moving towards the direction of prosperity.
May as many of us find good in the example that has been set on the public platform by the ministry of devolution. I bet with this pace we are ready to move leaving poverty behind us. Kudos to the young people from Africa who are doing great in the field of mentorship. Special thanks to Stephen Machua, who is doing his part faithfully in ensuring that others get somebody to, guide them. To those of us who are committed to serving others, let us keep moving, for we will leap if we don’t give up in the fullness of time.


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