I have no doubt in my mind about the next revolution that has started boiling from the western countries, starting from reconsideration of aid to African countries. How effective it has been, how many lives have been changed. According to my analysis the aid has done the bare minimum. It has come a time where we have started reconfiguring, our minds to social enterprise. The double bottom line is part of the objectives that we are working to achieve as young people.

Getting the sense of such terms as conscious capitalism, you get the idea that the pride arrogance by the blue chip companies no longer has a place in society. In fact I agree with Dev Aujla, that we are a lucky generation living in a luck time. When I just think of my interaction with Paul Polak , Mal Warwick , Wendy Koppy of teach for America, Jordan kassalow of vision spring through their articles, video clips from you tube, I wonder how long it will have Taken me to get out of my small village in Kenya to test the sweetness of their experience. This is why I agree with dev.

More than ever I am committed to serve the people, with empathy, consideration and humility help others discover their talents. I know this is possible because of the sea of resources available, mentors who will guide me virtually and physically, by interacting with those who are tired of status quo and exploitation of the poor buoyed by the burning desire to change the world.

To the socially revolutionized, it is time when the wave of social change is so strong, we will never stop it. Even if we tried it will swallow us. Let us keep vigil so as to promote and reap from the change that is happening.


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