A dream for Africa by African people. I am hopeful of a great Africa, prosperous , a source of livelihood to the world. However i am mindful of the myriad challenges we have to overcome for us to achieve the dream that i believe in. A hope of a just Africa economically, socially and politically. Africa where School girls are  not abducted for months without trace leaving parents to suffer the agony of the absence of their children like it is happening in Nigeria.

While watching Aljazeera African news in the morning, a research done reveal the great potential of Africa in the next few years to come. I was impressed to learn that many are optimistic of the African people. They believe that we have the opportunity to develop. however , one condition mentioned by the reporter, got me thinking. ” until we put the African leadership in order then my hope is a dead dream we will remain the way we are the way we have been for the last five decades”. It is not too late, we can do something to make sure that those who are born today will not experience what we are going through.

Building the capacity, getting information and developing proper leadership structures that will help alleviating poverty.Social Entrepreneurship should be put at the center stage when making policy concerning the eradication of poverty. We should not be talking of extrajudicial killings, mega embezzlement of funds from public coffers.if you feel what i am feeling we should not expect reports like Military wives protest Boko Haram deployment, it is heart breaking that women who are resource mobilizers, custodians of resources and in most cases caregivers to the children are now forced to engage their creativity in thinking of the tragedies that befall them in their own country. If we don’t take care of their children we will have lost a great segment of production.

Africa has a great future but late us put our efforts towards building better leadership structures and skills. Let us learn to appreciate the fact that we are all human beings with both weakness and strength. We should minimize our weakness as we magnify our strength. Leaders also should learn to mentor the next generation who will take over from them, This will start with you and me, We are equal to the task. As African youths we are the leader of today as opposed to the common saying that young people are leaders of tomorrow, we need to lead now to create a good future for our sons and daughters. we can do it. Let Us cheer up one another and start the journey for those who have not started, but for those who have started , let us never forget there are others behind us and always try to help them where they need our help. together we can build Africa that we need.


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