Africa listening: we are staring at eminent social revolution.

By the above statement I don’t want to be a self-proclaimed prophet, but going by the great awakening in Africa, I will not go wrong. For the longest time, even before I was born our fore fathers fought to free from the York of colonialism. After independence promises were given: elimination of ignorance, poverty eradication and better healthcare for the African people. Up to five decades, still the children of the freedom fighter suffer the blunt effect of the very same things that we wanted to free from after independence. Improper and dangerous style of most of African leaders have contributed to the shuttered dreams for African people, except some few like the father and role model who lives in our mind, TATA, NELSON MADIBA MANDELA an icon of the world, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere may their souls rest in peace and a few more others.

The problem has been that leaders have out rightly refused to listen to the people; they have only managed to listen to their greedy and selfish nature. They have convinced their conscious that exploiting the poor is the main way of surviving. They have joined a click at the apex of the social pyramid, they are untouchable, and can buy justice. By listening I mean they will never consider any opinion. They have lost the general feelings of the masses at the base of the same social pyramid.

To social entrepreneurs, this is a great opportunity that if well utilized will overturn the social pyramid upside down. If only they can master the neglected art of listening. people are tired with the simple rhetoric used by leaders in public meetings, people are tired of the dubious talk of development which in essence is a tricky of exploiting people, people are tired of being misused to cause disharmony and discontent in the society, they have been duped to kill, evict, and maim their neighbours, who in essence will help them more that the self-proclaimed leaders. This slowly is coming to a tragic end. People will start dismantling this kind of leadership by getting out one block after another.

Ask how? Groundswell effect, now more than ever we have many young people in social media. The only thing we need is to get more people pro- people, those who value social justice, economic justice and respect for human rights to set the agenda. Let us have buzz of social development ideas generated by sharing in social media, you don’t need anything rather than having the knowledge in computer and internet skills, all this for sure you don’t need a class. Most important let us get the computer and internet skills to the last kid in slums and low income families. This way we will influence them, we will enable them to listen to what others are saying from other countries. It is true that we can only become kings if we build kingdoms. If social entrepreneurs build empires based on social justice where everybody’s opinion count, then our so called small economic gods will start plummeting down.

This should not be mistaken to be a violent exercise, NO. it is a process of empowering people with skills, skills that many think are not important, for instance for a young child to be exposed to computer usage and internet skills at a tender age of 8years it will help them know how they can be used to change lives of people through connection.

It will be prudent to mention that for those of us who can feel this hot air of change, just like John the Baptist, let us prepare the way for change we need. Let us till the land and plant seeds of equality unity and non-discrimination and not seeds for hatred and discord. How?

One find out what the change will stand for, let us know the message that we want to put to the people, and how different we can do it from how the other leaders are doing it. We should not go to funerals function and make it a political rally. This is the most insolent thing that I have seen. It is no respect for the spirits of the death, nor is it a melodious song to the briefed family. We should engage our people through mass influence through the word of mouth. Let us get and help others to have conversation, health conversation. Then this will be listening.

Secondly Let us strive to understand how the buzz is shifting, by starting to listen, you will have a baseline when you continue listening you understand the change. If we understand the change we will be armed ready for the battle, Ideological battles, countering what politicians are saying with facts.Knowledge is the only powerful weapon that we can use to fight poverty and social injustices- Nelson Mandela.

Finally as social entrepreneurs we should learn to generate new ideas- we are targeting the less fortunate people in societies, every time they generate lots of intelligent ideas for free about what they think will help improve their lives, through this the fear of poor people have nothing important will then evaporate into thin air and the affluent in society will start losing their influence. For me, this is the time I yearn for.


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