Opportunity cost refers to whatever you forfeit in order to get another. It is also said to the choice of one thing over another. Then what is this that we need to forgo as Africans for Africa to develop? My opinion we need to relook at the style of African leadership. I am still confused about a recent research broadcasted in mainstream media in Kenya that was done to rate, who is the most preferred president in Africa, Mali, Botswana and Kenya presidents took number1, 2, and 3 respectively while Nigeria and South African presidents being among the worst in Africa . Where my confusion lies is the criteria and the characteristics they were investigating. And yet, it is in Africa that we have presidents who have served their countries the longest with utmost arrogance. This in itself does not give young leaders an urge of being a leader just like peter dracker said. Sometimes leaders are imposed with impunity because the majority are poor and at the mercy of the few elites. Until we find the right leaders we will still suffer the blunt of reckless leadership.

Warren buffet refers a leader to someone who can get things done through other people, but not through coercion through due to their social standing but by mutual respect. For one to then lead effective he/she should know what the people around want and that what they expect you to do. Petr dracker once said that the greatest leaders of the 20th century were Hitler Stalin and Mao, if that is leadership; I want no part of it. This are leaders who committed crimes again humanity, we need to find new ways of dealing with African style of leadership.

My opinion is subject to revision, but creating a social movement among the African people will be the solution. African getting out creating strong teams empowered with information. Africans who are self-reliant socially and economically. People busy exploiting their talents, gifts and abilities. People who are ready to help fellow Africans achieve their dreams by acknowledging and appreciating efforts of others. Generally, Africans who are social entrepreneurs will have less time to be used by greedy and selfish leaders who want to use them for political gain

What does a strong team look like, Tom Rath and Barry Conchie, in their book” Strengths-Based Leadership: Great Leaders, Teams, and Why People Follow” have identified five characteristics of strong teams that as Africans we can use to resist the exploitation by some of our senseless leaders. Let take a journey through the five factors

FIRST, STRONG TEAMS ARE NOT DESTROYED BY CONFLICT BECAUSE THEY FOCUS ON RESULTS. As Africans our continent has been referred as a poor continent and yet we have great reserves for natural resources. We should leverage our resources to get out of the chains of poverty. Resources should not be a cause of conflicts but a mean of emancipation from poverty

SECONDLY STRONG TEAMS ARE CHARACTERIZED BY HEALTH DEBATES –AND AT TIMES HEATED ARGUMENTS, IN TOUGH TIMES THEY ARE UNITED TO FIND THE TRUTH. As Africans our leaders will not unite us , take for example where am writing this article from, honorable members abusing each other in the house, opposition and the government accusing one another in a midst of a security crises, professional taking sides of their tribesmen and women even if they are out rightly wrong. We can’t expect anything from them except insolence and arrogance. Therefore, need for those at the base of the pyramid of social status to unite with common purpose of eradicating poverty.

THIRDLY THEY PRIORITIZE WHAT IS BEST FOR THE ORGANIZATIONS AND THEN MOVE FORWARD. We as Africans need to set an agenda for Africa. We should not let the politicians do it for us. We should never trust them. Rather we should work as common people it those self-help groups use the resources we can get to better our own lives. We should learn and run after prosperity of our own countries. We should not be rallied against our poor fellows from different tribes. After all in Africa we have only two tribes, that of the rich and the poor. Let us have a strong resolve to move forward in our search for prosperity

FOURTHLY, STRONG TEAM EMBRACES DIVERSITY. From Kenya to Uganda to Rwanda to Nigeria to Swaziland we are all different and peculiar in our talents we should embrace our diversity. We should learn to exploit the groundswell c0oncept as explained by Charlene Li and John Bernoff to embrace our diversity in terms of culture, opinions and resources. If you want to go faster go alone, but if you want to go far embrace a group. The latter is the solution to African problem

FINALLY, A STRONG TEAM IS A MAGNET FOR TALENTS. Our talents have not been fully exploited; we have not been able to harness our strength to bring a change to our lives. This is what the former UN secretary general Kofi Annan said in an interview with the Gallup” building a strong team within an organization basic ingredients of a successful soccer squad playing in a well-coordinated manner not excluding personal brilliance as long as the brilliant ones are pulling towards the same goal, this individual talent actually strengths the collective team. We should shun away from those leaders in our countries that are ready to work to improve the lives of the people. We should incorporate them in our groups for them to contribute towards African development”. However we should know that building a strong teams require substantive amount of time and good efforts. Therefore we should invoke our patience for us to build our relationship on trust compassion, stability and hope for a better future


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