Contagious Passion for Africa Development

Groundswell is a new concept that will help to take the power of African development to the people of Africa. Introduced by two great researchers from Forrester research, Charlene Li and John Bernoff, they have defined this concept as a social trend in which people use technologies to get the things they need from each other rather than traditional institutions, like corporations.

People connect with people and draw power from other people especially from the crowd. We in Africa have population growing rapidly; this is not a curse but a blessing. We need to rise against the exploitation by the corporations owned by the few elites who continue amassing wealth at the expense of the poor.

How? We need to start a campaign on empowering the masses In Africa with computer literacy. Then we will be able to exploit the power of the crowd through social network technologies. To Charlene Li and John Bernoff, when people move together on the internet for a moment in time, they create an irresistible ineradicable groundswell. This is what we need as Africans and other developing countries, people to move together in terms of thinking, in terms of strategic collaboration and partnership, this way we will be able to counter the insatiable hunger for corruption by reprobate leaders who pretend to serve the people by exploiting their innocence and ignorance.

We are not save socially, economically or even politically if we don’t invest in empowering ourselves; if we are not armed with information,relevant information,then the social elites will always take advantage of us. It is our responsibility to help our own people, to emancipate them from modern economic slavery in AFRICA by AFRICANS.


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