ACT (Attract, Convert, and Transform) is a strategy that everyone will want to master. Professor Okot Okombo in his public speaking class always insisted that everything we do is all about marketing. Almost two years now, the statement continues to influence my way of doing things always trying to find the better way of helping others to market themselves.<br

Martin Luther king junior said “if you can’t fly, run if you can’t run, walk, if you can’t walk, crawl and if you can’t crawl, make sure what you do keep moving. You can’t rest and wait but prepare. Marketing is a continuous process that always requires us to be alert, to see any opportunity for us to market ourselves , for an opportunity lost might never come our way again. Just like Benjamin Barber, a great sociologist said everyone is born with an intense drive to learn. Infants stretch their skills everyday not just ordinary skills but the most difficult tasks of a lifetime like walking and talking. As marketers we need to be persistent with a tenacious spirit to keep selling ourselves.

Let us dissect and learn from the ACT methodology, Attract is the first stage in the process of marketing. It helps to get access to people. Until you access you will never have someone to sell yourself to. We need to know that we attract who we are. You can only attract people with who you share something in common. This the Golden rule in networking. Unless you share something with me I will never have business with you. This is the reason why we should diversify on what we know. We should always learn to increase our knowledge base; this will give us an opportunity to increase the size of our market.

To attract, one has to master the art of persuasion, it does not matter who you but how you talk to people will either draw people nearer to you or set you apart. For you to attract just like Jesus you need to be empathic and compassionate. For you to attract you should be concern you should be good listener. While listening, we can know the point of convergence. And when you recognize that, it becomes the epicenter where an eruption of charms of connection will start spreading out to other areas of our lives. Everyone should strive to attract but good counsel says, you should not give something for free for you to attract unless it is a gift. For anyone who needs something will pay for it. Instead let us learn to invest in growing the networks of those we share something in common

Conversion comes right after attraction if we only attract and stop, somebody will reap after a hard time of attracting people. Is like taking a person to your shop after explaining of what you sell you decide never to propose to the person to buy from your shop. Doing that, you will have failed to convert a client into a customer. You might never get such an opportunity. Let us take our time to learn how we can turn those we attract into our respected and reliable friends. This way we will be six degrees of separation away from what we want.

Transform, as social change makers it our responsibility to convert the world into a better place. At this point of marketing you are a great influencer, your followers will heed your counsel, because people will always tend to follow those who have a direction. In fact at this stage you have already changed yourself. Like nugget of wisdom from Mahatma Gandhi,” for things to change I have to change”. You now know how to communicate to people, explaining the course of your dreams , when your followers believe in your course like it is said, they will go to an extra ordinary lengths for courses they believe in , they will tell your story and your story will transform the world.

Marketers are relation builders; they create a network which can solve the complex social problems. We only need to be bold and patient enough to sell ourselves to the world as great dreamers who want to change the world.
Build by Attracting, Converting and Transforming (ACT)



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