To demystify is to make known, explaining in detail the meaning of something. Given that we are at the verge of a gigantic social revolution caused by social entrepreneurs who want do a social investment to emancipate the world from social and economic is prudent to define the meaning of social entrepreneurship which is the mother word for any meaningful social activity mentioned above.

Social entrepreneurship is a process through which individual solve social problems by engaging the public. This person is said to be a social entrepreneur. He is an individual with innovative solution to society’s most pressing social problems. A social entrepreneur is ambitious and persistent tackling major social issues offering new ideas with a prospective of wide scale change. Rather than leaving societal need to the government or business sector, a social entrepreneur find what is not working and solve the problem by changing the system, spreading the solution and persuading the entire society to take the new leap.

The word social in entrepreneurship defines a different way of doing things from the former where the moneyed people had control over what every individual deed. Social means listening to others and also listening to yourself. In the power of pull Jonh Hagel lll et al explains of strategic partnership between the employees and the employer. Giving people freedom to think freely. Where employees have a say in what is being done in the organization. He farther explains how the power of push,- the era of commanding C.E.Os has been overtaken by time. It is evident given that so many blue chip companies are now rushing to adopt a social responsibility.

It should never be mistaken that there is a special breed of people who are destined to be a social entrepreneur. The foundation of a social entrepreneur is effecting a social change think of that that small village and a poor mother who struggles to give education to her children, think of a student volunteering to teach his /her foreign colleagues to speak English which is an international language, think a believer who sacrifices to share experience with others who are going through a difficult situation. A common denominator for all these people is they are struggling to make a social change. Therefore making a social change does not want a perfect person but one who has guts to stand the scorn from those who will want to distract them, a person comfortable with cynics, and an individual with tenacity to follow their dreams, dreams to make the world a better place for all.

The best practices of social entrepreneur range from empowering others and changing status quo. It involves starting small, taking the opportunity of those small moments of truth –telling. It is never lost from the books of history of how great revolutions known to man started. Think of Mahdi Gandhi, think of mother Teresa think of the historical march by martin Luther king junior all this started in small rooms, then spread to be great revolution. Many change makers in the world today are developing models of social entrepreneurship, geared towards profitable nonprofit , pioneering for –profits , principled and compassionate capitalist government policy wonks and politicians who get that the world ‘s borders matter a lot less than the people within them.

The best example of one emerging champions for social justice and economic justice is Dr. Paula kahumba, a Kenyan environmental specialist, as she rightly says “when I see injustice I feel I have to do something about it “she adds, that it is not only our right but our duty to. She is an innovator; innovation by itself is often the outcome of paying close attention to details and being open minded. It is not the preserve of people who are conventionally brainy. Simple things borne out of curiosity have often ended up in great innovation. That is why we as change makers are encouraged to think globally but act locally.

Think of that neighbor, friend, brethren, keenly listen to them, try and help them discover their abilities, talents and gifts, help them to nurture and develop whatever they are endowed with. With time you will discover what great asset you have made for the world. Yes it is true that we cannot do everything but we can do something –Brian Houston. And when we do this it is confirmed by great men and women that we will get the highest return on investment.

It should never be lost to us that for all this to happen relationship and trust is a must have. Total commitment to a course, this has to take some time, consume some energy before we see the fruits of our engagement in a social entrepreneurship business. Let us be faithful, at the end we will harvest bountifully.

Hope this article will stir our mind to start a robust discussion on the topic and continue demystifying social entrepreneurship.


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